This spacious living room uses rich textures on the surfaces to add a sense of luxury to the decor. Including house plants brings a breath of life and pops of color to break up the textured but neutral palette of the room. They also utilize space in the room that wouldn’t make sense for anything else.

With its carved marble mantle and parquet floors, creates a feel of tropical luxury when coupled with the small trees and bright flowers around the room. Rich patterns and textures in pale shades offset the heavy wrought iron light fixtures suspended from the ceiling.

Carefully selected house plants enhance the dark wood used in the furniture of the room and bring an extra touch of color that compliments the pale blue used as an accent. A neutral palette allows for the use of white, blue, and green so stand out against the beige walls.

Naturally, your house can’t be everything to each plant, but you are able to take plant needs into account when choosing plants. Most house plants, however, take a nutritional top-up. Keeping plants alive isn’t as difficult as you believe it is.

For the reason, it’s important to understand what sort of plant. Bamboo plants aren’t only among the very best pet friendly house plants, but they’re simple to grow and fun to collect too. Certain plants might be less likely to trigger your allergic symptoms.

Some space-saving plant stands are intended to fit into corners and may also accommodate extra levels so you can produce more space for plants and plant pots. In terms of the plant, you are going to want to coordinate that as well. For a dramatic effect, make sure they bloom at about the same time.

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