Tropical Plantations have an important and strategic role in national development, especially in increasing people’s prosperity and welfare, receiving foreign exchange, providing employment, obtaining added value and competitiveness, meeting domestic consumption needs, domestic industrial raw materials and optimizing resource management nature in a sustainable manner.

The Tropical plantation business proved to be quite resilient from the onslaught of the recession and the monetary crisis that hit the Indonesian economy. For this reason, plantations need to be organized, managed, protected and utilized in a planned, open, integrated manner.

There are a lot of park service site content that put tagline on tropical gardens, Mediterranean parks, this park, but in reality, what that means is a tropical garden, I’m sure many people don’t know and can explain what the tropical garden means.

For that we will explore a little about our tropical garden, some of which we take and we collect from many writings into articles so that they are more simple and easy to understand. Here we are, explain what a tropical garden is! Indonesia is located in an area that has high rainfall in a particular month, the humidity is dense, abundant sunlight is also high temperature.

The fertile soil makes plant growth relatively faster because Indonesia in the tropical region is wet. For that purpose the tropical garden is a combination of many types of plants with various types of plant species and plants that thrive with the adaptation of tropical climate.

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