People don’t know what they are capable of until they do it. So, don’t be shy, release your inner artist now because maybe we will find out the new Andy Warhol. Here are some cement projects that can help you.

1. Pot or Vas

It is quite obvious that you can make pot or vas from cement. So, the idea is to elevate pot or vas into an art masterpiece. Try to make a unique distinctive shape that, let’s say, express what you feel. Consider looking at some references from a famous artist, for example, Beatrice Wood, Shoji Hamada, or Peter Voulkos.

Pot that is made from cement can also be used to grow your favorite plants. Pot made from cement is more durable because it is not easily cracked or broken.

This cement pot is suitable for growing plants that you like in your yard. The addition of color to this pot makes the pot look more beautiful.

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Plant pots made using cement. The advantage of this pot is high durability and is suitable for laying plants with strong roots.

This round pot made of cement is very suitable for growing rather large seditary plants, the placement at the front entrance gives an elegant impression to your home. Striped motif and a little carving make this pot look more beautiful.

Longitudinal small pots made of cement can be placed inside the house to give a fresh impression. This pot has its own attractive style from striped shapes and motifs.

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2. Cement Dipper Artwork

You are going to love this project. The idea is to dip an object with cement so that the object, let’s say a shoe, is made from cement. This technique will let you explore everything because this cement dipper artwork can be applied to everything. So, all you need is to think of something out of the box, like balloons, leaves, fabrics, or even foods. Come on, you wanna see hamburgers made of cement, right?

Flower pot made from leaves mixed with cement gives its own uniqueness. Besides making it easy, this fas can also be an accessory in your home.

Leaves made from this material are very unique. You can make this leaf as an accessory for your home.

One garden accessory that you can make is a lotus leaf-shaped water pot. Making this road will give your garden its own uniqueness.

The green plants in this unique pot give a simple but beautiful appearance. Making pots by mixing cement and used cloth makes this your perfect creative idea.

Making a unique vase using used materials. Used cement and used towels provide unique creativity that can be turned into a plant.

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3. Cement Stepping Stone

If you want some artwork that can be applied to your daily life, stepping stone it is. You can decorate your garden with this or patio. So, find something that will blow people’s mind when they see them. Hollywood sidewalk is a nice reference as a start. Consider also exploring some color to escalate your artist vibe.

The unique stepping stone in the shape of a leaf makes its own appeal to your yard. Green plants in your garden give a cooler air.

Stepping stones consisting of various types of precious stones from small stones that are spread evenly to large stone pieces make an interesting combination of colors and shapes.

Stepping stones are artificial steps made of cement or natural stone, made so that plants in the garden are not trampled. Stepping stones become an important ornament that is usually also used for stepping foot into your garden.

Stepping stones for garden ponds that use stones. You can also make it rise so that you can explore the beauty of various water ornamental plants in the pool area of the house using the stepping stone.

The square shape with attractive and colorful stone patterns gives a beautiful impression to the footrests in your garden. Green plants that provide a fresh atmosphere certainly gives a comfortable and cool impression for you.

You will surely enjoy walking through the park through a butterfly-shaped stepping stone. This step is unique in your garden.

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4. Abstract Shape for Any Kind of Container

If you think pot or vas will stop you, no you don’t. In fact, you can make everything with cement to make a kind of container. Why? Because you need a container, functional and aesthetic. Count some of your daily product, let’s say, candle holder, lampshade, until trash bin.

Candles are commonly used in daily life. Candles have many uses, among others, are as a substitute for lighting lamps. be creative by using improvised materials and of course very cheap, but can add an interesting impression to the room.

You are bored with ordinary lamp shades, you can make your room’s lighting more cool by making your own lampshade with white cement material that will give its own uniqueness and enhance your creativity.

Simple equipment that is used as a very interesting clothes hanger. These hangers can be made using white cement and wooden barrels to save costs.

Variation by using white cement as the main material in making a work. for example this lamp shade is made with white cement and adds color so that the lamp shade looks better and more attractive.

Potted plants do not always have to be left functional without adding aesthetic value to the room. This pot made from white cement is very beautiful with plants inside that make your room fresher.

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5. Cement Fake Mini Garden

Some miniatures are made from clay. If cement can do that too, why don’t you make one? Start with considering the scale of your artwork. For example, you want to make a mini garden inside an aquarium. You can do this with your hands or you can also duplicate the dipping technique to make a tiny chair, table, or pot from children’s toys. Awesome, right?

In addition to decorating the room to make it look more beautiful, the mini garden is also able to develop children’s imagination. Miniature made of cement makes creativity very unique and looks more beautiful.

With a little extra decoration will add to the imagination of children when they see it, especially with the characters that kids like. The addition of a miniature made of cement adds to its own beauty.

Fill empty jars with gravel and small plants for a mini garden that you can place around the house. Making a mini waterfall made of cement makes a very charming miniature and looks more beautiful.

Imagination is very good by duplicating children’s toys into a charming miniature. Making made of cement with the addition of color can provide beauty and look more alive.

Suitable for small spaces or as a project with your children, unused pots that can add some soil and small plants. Then tuck in a few miniatures, and you have a perfect little garden.

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