Wallpapers in the bathroom may be uncommon to you since not all types can work well in such a setting. By setting, it means that there are humidity levels and water spillage to consider when it comes to a bathroom. Therefore, if you can choose humidity-resistant or non-porous wallpapers, surely everything will be fine! But there might be another problem. Way too many patterns, designs, and styles of wallpaper collections come out annually. It can either be an exciting yet confusing search!

We got you covered because we also agree with how wallpapered bathrooms can beautifully transform the space. Here are several well-suited and unique bathroom wallpaper ideas for your inspiration.

1. Checkered or Plaid Wallpapers

If you think that these two motifs are only accessible in the fashion world, then this idea is totally for you. Plaid or checkered bathroom wallpaper in combinations of neutral or bright colours will effortlessly bring your bathroom a stylish pop right away.

There are no other decorating elements that can dramatically change the look and feel of a room like a wallpaper. For example with the blue checkered wallpaper not only brings the cottage atmosphere to the room but adds dimension to the wall.

There are no other decorating elements that can dramatically change the look and feel of a room like a wallpaper. For example with the blue checkered wallpaper not only brings the cottage atmosphere to the room but adds dimension to the wall.

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For contemporary styles, you can use a patterned wall surface layout. This would be an amazing idea for the design of a small main bathroom. Its creative appearance is compatible with modern bathrooms.

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There are many ways in which boxes can be carried indoors. Boxes are patterns that can be easily recognized and shapes come in a variety of colors and sizes. Patterned wallpapers that blend into a bathtub combined with a dark blue wall, make it look elegant your bathroom.

Black checkered wallpaper combined with a mirrored floor in the bathroom. With this design it will make this beautiful and charming traditional bathroom feel.

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The plaid is a pattern that can be easily identifiable and the shape comes in a variety of colors and sizes. For example, the green checkered wallpaper design steals attention in this beautiful traditional bathroom.

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2. Monochromatic Wallpapers

Monochromatic colour schemes allow a harmonious look, with little meaning whatsoever about one colour in one value applied throughout a space. Build your cool bathing space with monochromatic bathroom wallpapers. Then, put a simple black square mirror for an eminently modern vibe.

Some black and white bathroom ideas that are worth seeing are black and white bathroom tiles or even black and white bathroom wallpapers. A popular choice when planning a monochrome bathroom is to choose black ceramic with white lines. Another black and white bathroom idea is, create a wall feature on one of your bedroom walls using bathroom wallpaper.

An extraordinary contrast between black and white in the bathroom. With a wall wallpaper combined with an oval mirror with a wooden frame, and classic wall lamps. Highly contrasting color effects offer elegance to the bathroom with a monochrome theme.

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A classic bathroom design that has stolen the hearts of many people since long time ago. The bathroom with the black and white pattern is the contrast in the bathroom. Black and white offers incredible visual effects that can often make monochrome bathrooms look much more expensive than they actually are.

Some of the black and white bathroom ideas worth seeing are the black and white bathroom or known as the monochrome bathroom. The incredible contrast between the opposite shades in the black and white bathrooms offers incredible visual effects.

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Wallpaper is the best way to design walls that inject personal style. Stained black wooden floors and simple black square mirrors make this space very modern while Victorian bones make it feel like a total classic. Beautiful cloud-print wallpapers bridge the two perfectly in your bathroom.

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3. Floral Wallpapers

For a bright feeling every time you’re showering, go with floral bathroom wallpapers that can be either bold or soft in designs. Using such a model allows you to show your personality that can’t be seen in a tiled or painted wall. Look how this idea freshens up space afterwards!

Amazing contrasting colors in the bathroom, with brightly colored flower wallpapers combined with white bathtubs, and an antique chandelier. Highly contrasting color effects offer elegance to the bathroom with antique wallpaper.

The bathroom design makes you comfortable with a natural feel, which is produced from a combination of vintage floral wallpapers that are inspired to present a prominent white bathtub.

Bathroom design that uses a floral wallpaper combined with a unique mirror can create an atmosphere in your bathroom that looks vintage and fresh.

Smart decorating ideas for your bathroom at home. For example, you can use floral wallpaper, on the bathroom wall that makes this bathroom look trendy and charming.

Bathroom wall decoration with refined moody wallpaper for a vintage bathroom to give it a chic look. With floral accents give a nice and beautiful look on your bathroom.

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4. Ombre Wallpapers

Ombre is a superb option for a direct high-class style for the interior. With a subtle blend of two colours, you can set any mood you want in the bathroom. When paired with suitable furniture and fixture, ombre wallpapers can capture your attention for a very long time.

The nautical look is always a favorite for bathrooms, but you can give the trend a contemporary update with an ombre wall of fading blue tones, going from cobalt to turquoise, baby blue, and white.

The bathroom is a good place to try out an ombre effect for the wall. If it feels too complicated to blend multiple shades of color and reach a precise balance, consider picking only two colors. The olive ombre effect shown here is obtained by mixing a light shade of green with a darker one.

Thanks to its serene style, blue represents one of the first color choices to decorate the bathroom. If you want the walls to stand out some more you should consider integrating different shades of blue in a stunning ombre effect.

Some people may not consider this a true ombre effect as the visuals aren’t as impressive when using just two colors. It’s also convenient to try a simple ombre effect as it’s quickly noticeable to the eye.

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The transition from ocean blue to aquamarine green here is done impeccably. We like how the calming effect of the blue-toned wall is taken to a new level by painting the bathtub to fit the color scheme. The result is a uniform look that’s appealing and provides deep relaxation vibes.

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5. Gold Wallpapers

Going gold isn’t only luxurious but also brave. If your favourite gold wallpapers don’t come as water-resistant, you can always add a protective coating to combat it along with the moisture. But first, let’s admire the shade and vibe!

Beautiful golden bathroom with Osborne & Little Asuka Wallpaper and antique brass bathroom fixtures. The unique mirror hung above the stone bathroom sink that floats on the wall.

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The right wallpaper can bring brilliant to ordinary space. This bathroom uses elements of classic bathroom design and adds a lot of fun to the wallpaper in yellow gold patterned.

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An attractive and classy bathroom design. Gold bathroom mirror with a traditional wooden dressing table and gold wallpaper on the wall. Maybe with this gold color scheme design, you can try the guest bathroom in your home.

The gold Wallpaper combined with a unique mirror will make a golden yellow splash on the bathroom wall. This design will make the dressing area in the bathroom look elegant.

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Bathroom design with a patterned gold wallpaper theme, to create a sparkling atmosphere in your bathroom.

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These bathroom wallpaper ideas are the most common ones used in creating a new bathroom look. Try one now to spice up your bathroom to a new level!

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