Remember that we’re using concrete here. It means there are so many advantages in designing paving. It lets you explore the mix of colour and the shapes because you can make your favourite patterns into a mould. Here are some modern concrete paving pattern designs to elevate the vibe of the backyard. So, prepare your mould now!

1. Chevron/Herringbone

Probably, this is the most modern pattern that instantly changes the vibe. It looks geometrical, simple, and minimalist. From a difference perspective, on a large scale, for example, it will bring an energetic and bold vibe. On the other hand, on a small scale, it gives you a formal and traditional perspective. 

This pavers area is great for enjoying the natural scenery. With geometrical pattern the pavers give a nice arrangement and modern look.

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The bone-layout of herring from this color pavers gives this patio a more dynamic and attractive attraction. Large outdoor sectional sofas are great for maximizing outdoor living space for entertainment and relaxation.

Tile pavers in a herringbone pattern with a tie bond give this romantic patio a rustic and timeless appeal. Flowering plants, hedge crops, decorative wrought iron windows, and a huge fountain give this space the feel of the villa.

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The backyard with a fire pit design combined with the paver herring bone layout gives the fire pit area a neat and comfortable impression.

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The herringbone layout of the pavers is the right choice for outdoor living spaces, this provides a more dynamic and attractive appeal. With sensational chairs, suitable for maximizing outdoor living space for entertainment and relaxation.

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2. Wide Argyle Design 

Just like chevron, the geometric shape of wide argyle looks futuristic and elegant. Consider applying this on a large scale because the effects are bolder and more energetic. It also can mix with your backyard as long as you match the color. Unlike chevron, argyle is so much easier to make. You only need a rectangle or diamond shape on large doses, and it’s ready.

The seating area with a fire pit combined with the brown color of the pavers contrasts with the lighter sand, emphasizing the different shapes and sizes incorporated in the paver laying pattern.

The setting of the outdoor seating area is united by a robust checkered pattern that may be seen as a luxury living room tapestry at first glance. The paver pattern in this case not only contributes aesthetically to space with its bold contrast and interesting patterns but describes it as a separate functional space.

The paver pattern in the fireplace area with a random paver setup and layered color contained within these striking design boundaries creates depth and enhances three dimensions, while the decals outside the center give the character a touch of Minimalist space.

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Inspired by the geometric patterns that are currently forming contemporary interior design, Diamond Landscape paver brings this look to the outside. The diamond shape paired with a choice of color & this paver texture makes it one of the most creative.

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Concrete pavers are a popular choice for building terraces. They are durable, versatile, and they look fantastic. It is suitable for making your seating area in a beautiful backyard with a geometric paver pattern.

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3. Greek Key Ornament

It looks stuffy and difficult. However, this design makes an interlocking pattern of squares, and the repetitive placement creates a pattern. Even though this design is an ancient one, it still is in style with modern demand. Put them on your backyard, and it will elevate your yard mood.

If you are looking for a new entrance in your home area, we specialize in Greek key ornaments and have a complete landscape division for all your patio and garden needs.

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We will show you many examples of Greek key ornament path designs. There are so many different designs to choose from so we are sure you can find what you need.

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Pavers structuring design for pathways in outdoor spaces, with a blend of greek key ornamentation, makes your paths look sleek and strong.

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The paver pattern outside the room with greek ornaments in the middle combined with the striking color of the pavers, makes the area of ​​the pavers look bright and attractive.

Outdoor pavers design with greek key ornaments on the edges, to keep the pavers sturdy, to make it more attractive you can place the greek key ornament in the middle. With the combination of colors to make your path memorable and beautiful.

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4. Plaid

Plaid does imply a conservative or classic style. That is why it looks very “edgy” if you apply them on concrete paving design. For paving, this design is quite difficult to apply because it needs some small lines as an interlocking. You can also play with colour, especially earthy colour. Plaid pairs well with floral so it is a good match to your backyard garden.

Modern outdoor design with plaid pavers, create a relaxed and comfortable backyard. You can try this design for a small terrace and then you can put some house plants to make a fresh ambiance.

The design of the outdoor dining area combined with the plaid pavers patterned, makes the backyard look sleek and carry a modern feel.

The seating area with a fire pit and neatly arranged plaid pavers make your backyard look sleek and perfect. Plaid pavers are the right choice to build your backyard.

Pavers are often affordable, low maintenance, and available in various shapes, sizes and materials. No wonder so many outdoor design lovers. For example, the fire pit area combined with plaid pavers, to make your backyard look modern and beautiful.

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Arrange pavers in open spaces with chess pieces and arrange them neatly, making your backyard look unique. Combination of black, white and grey color make your design look amazing.

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5. Circular Mosaic Paving

This is probably the most difficult design but the most fun to do. Just like ordinary mosaic art, you will arrange small pieces of color or material and put them together into concrete paving. The idea of ​​a round mosaic is that you arrange random shapes of material and gather them into circular shapes. Yes, it does look like a work of art.

This idea is similar to the previous one, but it is less elegant. Large, evenly spaced dark paver circles are made outdoors, merging in a small hole filled with sand, which makes the backyard look rural.

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Outdoor pavers with a circular design combined with a fireplace area, make your backyard look sleek and classy.

The garden design with an outdoor dining table with basic pavers arranged in circular pattern design making your backyard look neat and full of warmth.

The small garden design with yellow pavers and circular pattern, makes your backyard look bright and amazing.

The combination of a round fireplace table with pavers is arranged in a circular pattern, making your backyard look modern and comfortable.

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Perhaps this is the most difficult design but the most enjoyable to do. Just like the usual mosaic art, you will arrange small colour pieces or materials and put them together into concrete paving. The idea of the circular mosaic is that you arrange random shapes of material and gather them into a circular shape. Yes, it does look like a piece of art.

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