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Stylish Bathroom Shelf Inspirations to Store Your Stuff Neatly

Storing personal toiletries or stuff in the bathroom can be done in style. Check out these bathroom shelf inspirations to start organising neatly.

Your bathroom toiletries can get cluttered and messy if you don’t put them in a designated spot. Even if you’re very organised and neat, frequently used stuff like soaps, shampoos, and loofah can be out of place without a particular “house” for them.


You can store your bathroom necessities neatly with the help of bathroom shelf or rack in a specific part of the space. Once you apply these, you’ll see no items strewn everywhere on any surface or countertop. Needless to worry, it’s mostly inexpensive yet still decorative. Moreover, it’s clear how practical and functional shelving is!

1. Clear Floating Shelves

Clear floating shelves don’t only look high-class but also give your bathroom beauty splurges a chance to show off on a bright display. Make this by your own with good quality floating shelf brackets and attach clear glass rows to achieve the upscale look.


You can store your bathroom needs neatly with the help of shelves in the bathroom, so that your bathroom will look cleaner and neater.

Your small bathroom will look neater, with a triangular shape rack of iron to put toiletries. So you will easily put other toiletries.

A storage cabinet under the sink will look more simple, a combination of ceramic walls and wooden shelves will add to your bathroom perfect.

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Floating storage shelves above the toilet will look neater, a sink and fabric divider will make your bathroom look more unique.

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A sink on top of which is mirrored will look beautiful, a floating wooden shelf installed in the corner will also make it easier for you to put your toiletries, so you will be more comfortable in it.

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2. Over-the-Toilet Storage


It is the shelving trend you shouldn’t miss, ever. Placing a leaning ladder for storing your toiletries create a visually interesting look in an instant. Over-the-toilet storages, in any shape or design, are solid and allow you to reach your stuff within arm’s length.

Your bathroom will look neat, by placing a ladder rack to store your toiletries with an attractive appearance instantly. Storage outside the toilet will make your bathroom more perfect.

Storage rack above your bathroom will look beautiful, you can put some toiletries in there, so your bathroom will be more stylish.

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Storage shelves in the form of iron stairs will look attractive, what if installed on the toilet so that your bathroom will look more presentable.

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Unique decoration made by placing the ladder shelf above the toilet. The shelf can make it easy for us to take toiletries. In addition, it will also improve the design of your bathroom.

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A clean bathroom will be made by installing an iron shelf right above the toilet, so you can put toiletries in there, a combination of ceramic walls will also add to your bathroom looking more attractive.

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3. Repurposed Bar Cart

If you happen to have an unused bar cart or know someone who doesn’t use theirs anymore, it’s time to change its purpose in a fun way! Store your bathroom necessities in the bar cart and drag them easily to any part of the bathroom space. It’ll be a bonus point if the bar cart bathroom shelves also own sophisticated design.

Bar carts are one of the most versatile furniture you can have in your home. If your bathroom is like mine, bar carts are a fairly inexpensive way to get more space, so you will find it easier to put toiletries.

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With the bar chart, you can put some bathroom equipment, so that you will easily drag and place it anywhere you like in the bathroom.

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Many bathrooms are very lacking in storage selection. But your bar cart will look perfect for your bathroom storage to put your toiletries.

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Having a narrow bathroom You are not confused, by using the bar cart you can put some toiletries and can put it in a narrow place though.

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Your bathroom will look more perfect, with a bar cart you can put some toiletries, you will also easily pick up toiletries when you are going to shower.

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4. Over Door Rack

You can easily install over door racks above the bathroom door to place items you don’t frequently use like extra towels for guests. You can also use this kind of shelf to bring extra room for stuff in a small apartment. Some racks have thin rods or hooks for putting up toiletries neatly.

So, If You Have A Small Bathroom Or Just Looking For Additional Storage, This Shelf Might Be Suitable For You. Storage Above The Bathroom Door Will Look Neater And Simple.

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The Area Above The Bathroom Door Is Also A Suitable Place For Installing Other Shelves If Necessary. Although It May Be Difficult To Reach Regularly, You Can Put Towels And Other Additional Equipment.

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If you want to make additional shelves, you can make it above your bathroom door, you can put towels that are often not used for guests, so your bathroom will look more presentable.

A wooden rack mounted above the bathroom door will look neater, you can put some toiletries that are not often used for example for your guests.

A narrow bathroom won’t discourage you from making a storage rack, wooden shelves above the bathroom door might help you to put toiletries that you don’t use often.

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5. Industrial Pipe Shelves

Grab that farmhouse vibe by placing several sturdy industrial pipes in your bathroom. The aesthetic features of industrial pipe shelves also account on cost-saving value, fun style, and flexible application. For a more distinctive vibe, use monochromatic colours that can also work in all rooms.

It seems that keeping the bathroom serene and organised becomes much closer once you know the shelving trick. Remember, it can also be quaint and beautiful when dosed with your creative juices!

A combination of industrial pipes and wood will be a perfect shelf, so you can place towels and other toiletries in there so it looks more presentable.

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Galvanized pipes and fixtures are the best way to introduce industrial feel to wall shelves. That way your bathroom will look neater with a storage pipe from industrial pipes.

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Your small bathroom will look neater, with shelves from industrial pipes that will add to the atmosphere of the bathroom looks more beautiful and perfect.

The industrial pipe rack installed at the corner will look perfect, so you can put your toiletries in there.

Rack design from industrial pipes installed in the bathroom will look more stylish, you can put towels and some other toiletries in there, so that your bathroom will look more presentable.

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