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4 Cheap DIY Halloween Home Décor Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’re too lazy to buy some props for your Halloween home décor, these are 4 ideas for you to try with an ultra-small budget.

Alright, let’s admit that decorating pumpkins every year is super boring. Also, we don’t want to buy those expensive spooky costumes because we don’t want to pay for that costume! But that’s alright. Here’s some Halloween home decoration for those who don’t want to go to the store to buy expensive stuff. 

1. Bloody Candles

Rule number one in every horror movie, turn off the light! There’s even a horror movie called It Comes at Night. What’s that supposed to mean? It’s scarier! So come on, take every white candle we have and buy a couple more of the red candle. All you have to do is drip the wax of the red candles around the edge of the white candles. Yes, this blood appearance is for hemophobia like you. Easier and cheaper than a kilogram of pumpkin.

If you want the scary room, turn off the lights and light a white candle with the blood accents. This design is simple and best for Halloween decoration.

The unique look of the design of the Halloween party with candles in combination with red to give the impression of horror. Just show one or two candles so that the atmosphere is not too bright and crowded.

Creating a horror-themed Halloween design with white candle incisions in a red color combination. Impressed like red blood on a candle can give an extraordinary impression to your room.

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By placing a candle on the black holder accompanied by several skull decorations create the impression of horror at this year’s Halloween celebration. Affixes of beautiful roses increasingly make the main attraction for you to display at home.

The amazing decoration on how to create an atmosphere of horror at this Halloween party, just by putting candles with blood accents gives the impression of horror.

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If you will make a scarry impression on your house. This candle is perfect to decorate it. You can add a red color that looks like blood. Don’t worry, you can add some Halloween ornament to make it perfect.

For a direct and scary Halloween decoration, just take the red candle and melt it over the white one so that the red candle flows like blood. so the room will look more sinister.

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2. A Head in a Jar

Are you too lazy to go to a store? Don’t worry; you have the materials at home. Just print out some photographs of your head (or your friends). Make sure you print it in colour and a correct scale, so it looks real. After that, curl the photo and put it in a jar. Add some water and some colour, so it looks like Luleo Primoc’s head from Star Wars if you want. Simple.


Change the bored your Halloween decoration with some spectacular ornaments. The head in a jar is the best idea to create a scarry feel in your decoration.

This Halloween decoration is really weird! So for those of you who like Halloween and appreciate a good fear, you can put someone’s photo in a jar, add water and color so it will look scary.

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Halloween home decoration that is very scary is, put photos that look like a head in the jar do not forget to add water and coloring to make it look more real and terrible.

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If you like a unique decoration for Halloween party, you can choose this design. Try to make an ornament like this. Besides make a scarry look, the head in a jar gives a perfect Halloween decoration.

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Make sure you print it in the correct color and scale, so it looks real. After that, curl the photo and put it in the jar. Add water and color, so that it will be a terrifying decoration for a helloween house.

The halloween house decoration will be even more terrible, with a head in a jar plus water and coloring, it will be a very scary decoration.

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3. Glowing Eyes

Well, if you happen to be in a store to buy candies, grab some light sticks too. We’re going to need it to make intimidating or scary eyes. How? Take some empty rolls of toilet papers. Cut the roll in a pair of eyes shaped into them. Paint the rolls in black. Finally, insert a light/glow stick into them. Make sure you put it in the dark places. Easy and super cheap, right?

With some shining eyes on the window of your house might add to your haunted house, so your Halloween home will be more classic and unique.

If your Halloween house wants to look more frightening, you should try this design, with a few glowing eyes in the window will make your home even scarier.

Your Halloween house will look even more horrifying, with some eyes glowing in the window at night, so you can try this decoration.

Shining eyes follow you as you walk on the road. Spooky effects that are cheap and easy to make! Put one in each window for a really scary effect. That way your house will look terrible.

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Glowing eyes Halloween decorations with ghost ornaments. so that your home will seem even more terrible.

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Halloween window eyes follow the look of the eyes by displaying autumn cat decorations. It will look very scary at night.

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4. Dead Body in Garage

This one you need a little effort. The idea is to make a half-human body under your home garage door. You’re going to need some old clothes and shoes fill them with straws or papers. Don’t forget to add extra details with some ketchup for blood. Make sure the scale is right because there are two scenarios: people will know if it’s a fake, or people will freak out!

But then he decides to take the horrifying Halloween decorations to the next level by placing the doll under the garage door and smearing it with fake blood. So that the doll looks like it’s real.

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Garnish With Our Guillotine Garage To Create A Terrifying Scene. This Dreadful Decoration Features A Body With A Severed Head And Blood Shaped Hands On The Wall.

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Your garage will be more terrible, a doll with a head cut in the shape of a human with blood splattered on the garage door will make your Halloween house even more frightening.

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Another interesting design is placing human pieces on a wooden pallet. This cut face and human body design are very real. Almost perfect for celebrating a Halloween party.

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If you don’t want to scare your guests too much, you can design human pieces in a plastic bag. One would think a plastic bag bound to resemble a human is real. And you successfully created this design for your Halloween at home.

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Another unique design is the style of humans who are sitting in the garage. With bare clothes and hands cut, this design is very suitable for Halloween decorations in your garage.

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