When you observed your home décor and thought that minimalism is quite boring, it’s time for you to add some accent. One of them is a green accent with succulents because it is very simple, yet also can introduce people to climate literacy. To do that, you only need a simple step such as terrarium and here’s how.

1. Green Centrepiece 

For any home décor ideas, you’re going to need a centerpiece to tell the focus of your room. So, showcase your greenies in your room like, for example, the living room. Let say you have a central sitting area with skinny chairs, and then you can add greenies on the table. 

For the plant, try lotus type if you think cactus is overused. Lotus can give you more options in terms of vas because they only need water to grow. Try the transparent jar so the whole plant can be seen. It’s not only eye-catching but also changing the whole mood in the room. Succulent? Why not!

Flower vases on the table with bright colors combined with a soft sofa with versatile color. Add neutral colors to the walls, to add to the warmth of your living room.

Lotus flower vase on a soft wooden table in the living room area, to create a bright atmosphere in your room.

Lotus flowers on a white table combined with patterned walls and white open storage. With a white color scheme design, making your living room look clean and comfortable.

Bring your garden indoors with fresh flowers on the table. And accessories with striking botanical prints, beautiful planters, and bird cages. Choose the color of white bone wall paint and some ornaments to create a comfortable and calm atmosphere in your living room.

Give the wow factor to the neutral scheme by packing it with floral decorations. Red yellowish and maroon fit with the warmth of the old skin in the living room. Bloom beautifully illustrated in tea-stained linen; Beautiful curtains show off the pattern for best effect. Soft back-button leather sofas add to the feel of a country house, while vintage-style lamps and mirrors provide hints that the pieces have been acquired over time.

A room with no texture can feel dull and lifeless, so add touch surfaces for warmth and attractiveness. Get a bright look by adding lotus flowers on the rattan table, so that your living room is comfortable and fresh.

A modern square-style Sofa can be put in a corner or used to make a seating zone in a larger space. Add decorations on the table, such as white flower vase to create a beautiful and classy atmosphere of your living room.

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The living room is an important part of your home, to communicate and gather with your family. Start with a gray carpet, a white dove table, and add white flowers, to create a fresh feel.

The living room decoration with gray walls is combined with a round table and lotus flower ornaments. With this design, your living room looks clean and fresh.

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2. Air Plant Wall Decor

If you think vas is a bit boring for your succulents, hang them then. This time throw away the vas because you will apply the painting concept. So, you’re going to need a frame, various kinds of soil and plant so the planter will be colorful.

For a demonstration, you can try a unique frame for the plant, let’s say the round one. Install a glass for half of the frame to allow the plant to grow outside the frame. This decorative installation concept allows you to arrange the color of the soil and the plant so it will become a piece of art. Fascinating, right?

Decoration indoor air plants, which are installed in a vertical frame next to the closet make your living space more attractive. Not only that, but it also keeps the air awake and healthy.

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Indoor air wall plants not only make your living space more attractive and luxurious but also make your home air healthier. With this favorite design, to refresh your home decor with a touch of green.

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Succulent garden that is arranged with a picture frame is suitable for the living room so that air circulation becomes healthier.

Succulent garden on the wall of the house with neat arrangement and white frame color will make the air in the house fresh and healthy.

Succulent plant frames that made of wooden material, very suitable for wall decoration, besides that succulent plants, can help air circulation in your home perfectly.

Simple decorations for the walls in your home that are cheap and smart. For example, succulent plants arranged with wooden frames on the table will create a fresh atmosphere at home.

Blue frame that blends with succulent plants to create a fresh atmosphere in every room of your home.

Simple and inexpensive decoration for your home. For example, with a foto frame, you can make a small garden wall with succulent plants. With this design, the air in your home is still fresh and free of pollution.

Succulent plants with green and pink on the wall will make your home atmosphere fresh and pollution-free, because of the perfect air circulation from tribal plants.

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The space needed to hang a small plant, but the good influence was enormous. This plant can regulate human vision and improve people’s perception. More importantly, the metabolism of plants can purify the air, clean the environment and absorb some harmful gases. Hanging plants help reduce the dangers of indoor pollution to the human body.

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3. Hanging Air Plant

Alright, let’s push it to another level, hang the plant on the ceiling! Even a minimalist home décor sometimes needs chandelier or some accents in the air. So, the concept of the chandelier can also be applied to the planter.

To make this happen, you’re going to need a chandelier hanging holder with a unique shape. You also need some terrarium containers, for example, a light bulb, or you can install it with strings. Finally, arrange various types of succulents to replace the crystals. Now, we’re talking! 

An attractive air plant cages in your home are made of iron mounted on the ceiling. With this design, it will display a stylish and fresh feel.

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The design of the chandelier, this hanging planter holds 7 pots filled with succulents and more. Hang these 7 pots on the terrace to create a unique style and charm of agriculture in your home.

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Our planter Pot Chandelier will add the style and dimensions of the park to your home decor with ease. Featuring a chandelier design, this hanging planter holds 5 pots ready to fill with seasonings, ferns, flowers, and more. Hang these 5 pots of potted plantations in your kitchen, on your enclosed patio area, or in your sunbathing room to bring out the style and charm of a unique farmhouse in your space.

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Beautiful garden chandelier on the ceiling of your home. For example by hanging succulent plants, which will make the atmosphere look fresh, and the air in your home is maintained health.

Wrought iron chandelier design with succulent plants in pots. Succulent garden mounted on the ceiling will create a room that fresh and beautiful.

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A succulent garden that is hung with a chain mounted on the ceiling will greatly help air circulation. Besides beautifying the ceiling, this succulent plant is very good for maintaining the air quality in your home.

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Beautiful ceilings in your home with a succulent garden hanging by chains, to keep the air space healthy and fresh.

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