Farmhouse is well known for its simplicity and functions. Simplicity usually comes from colors and how the decoration looks. As the name suggests, farmhouse was a type of houses that usually built in the farm area in many countries, which also includes a barn near the house. 

Nowadays, people are known to modern farmhouse style. You don’t have to live on a farm to have the same atmosphere as the farmhouses. Just follow these ideas to bring the sensation close to where you are right now.

1. Strong Character of Color

One of the most crucial parts of achieving farmhouse atmosphere in your house is in selecting the colors. Pale colors are the most suitable for coloring the wall such as cream or gray, even most people would go white. It is recommended to use only one color for the wall, and don’t color your room differently. Should you have to color some parts differently, strictly avoid color that is overly bright, or too dark. These colors serve to make a simple calming and relaxing sensation inside the house.

The white color scheme in the bathroom is very relaxing and inviting at the same time. It is a good idea to add lighting that provides warmth, in a rustic style.

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At first glance, you will only see modern living rooms but when you see natural elements in them such as white stone walls and wooden coffee tables, you can see the features of a comfortable and relaxing farmhouse.

The wall color embraces the modern-meets-country living room. This space has more farmhouse features than modern ones. But all in all, it does look nice!

The white color scheme in the living room is very relaxing and inviting at the same time. It is a good idea to add plants here which give a refreshing feel.

This rustic living room design combines white wall color and modern organic appearance. It was mixed with a special table with antique mirrors and contrasting white sofas.

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The living room of a modern farmhouse with white walls and round wooden table furniture and white carpet. This design makes your living room comfortable and relaxed.

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Rustic living room design with white walls combined with a golden yellow framed mirror will make your room look amazing and comfortable.

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I like the current trend of thick mosaic tiles. Keep everything fresh and fresh, then add white to the wall! Adding a shiplap to the walls gives a farmhouse feel, but a clean mirror line is enough to keep it modern.

And you can’t forget about a farmhouse sink! Black and white color schemes are popular in this style, but adding wood accents like the vanity pictured brings personality and character to this space.

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2. Perfections In Imperfections

Farmhouses focus on functions, so not everything has to be shiny, polished or perfect, especially on the furniture. The older, the better. Old doors or windows, antique doorknob or window’s lock and all kinds of good-old furniture. Sometimes, you even have to add little distress to the furniture. All those imperfections will be the perfection. 

A simple rack that made of used door material. With a design that uses items that are not used, you can use it as an attractive book storage rack at home with a rustic style.

Beautiful bedroom decor with used doors to decorate the walls with antique lamps.

A simple hanging rack that made of used door material. With this, you can store kitchen equipment easily and will make your kitchen neat and clean.

An antique mirror in the living room framed by a used window to create a rustic atmosphere in your home.

An attractive clothes hanger made of old door material, to put clothes in the bedroom in a rustic style.

You can use your used items at home that are not used. For example, an old wooden door with a dull blue color. You can add this old door on the dining room wall as decoration, this will make the room look beautiful and comfortable.

Charming dressing table with antique mirror and storage underneath. With this, the bedroom look elegant in the style of a modern farmhouse.

Simple living room design with a table that made of old door, so that your space looks perfect in a modern farmhouse style.

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Design a country house with antique apron rack that made of used fence materials and antique door pulls, to put your clothes.

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3. Vintage Decorations

Get yourself some vintage points by adding wooden fixtures. Hanging shelves or wall shelves made of exposed wood are good. Have some unused wooden box or wooden barrels as a place to put flower vase. Have some spindles or wainscoting. Use a wired basket to put flowers or other things such as newspaper or magazines. Wall paneling using shiplap or beadboard will give extreme differences to the atmosphere, so having them is recommended.

These 3 ideas will surely give you drastic changes to your house if you apply all of them. Compared to other house styles, this style doesn’t require a lot of money, especially on decorations. Just look around your house. Used items are great for farmhouse style additions.

The white and grey bathroom features gray grasscloth on upper walls and vertical shiplap on lower walls surrounding an egg-shaped tub and a floor mount spigot tub filler placed below around window.

Beautiful bathroom features upper walls painted gray and lower walls clad in shiplap lined with a pedestal sink under a white framed medicine cabinet illuminated by white glass sconces next to a stained linen cabinet with glass doors.

The bathroom design features a horizontal beadboard trim on the upper wall and a vertical shiplap on the lower wall lined with a sink and a white-framed medicine cabinet. This design will bring a charming change.

The charming blue and white mudroom has a white glass front door with a shiplap trim and an oil-coated bronze knob that opens onto a white wainscot built-in bench placed under a window covered with blue colored wallpaper.

The stylish cottage bathroom comes with a top wall painted in light grey and under wall wrapped with horizontal shading coated with a white sink with a shelf on it with a sharpened sculpture marble equipped with a sink Off-Set in addition to the mirror tray under the shelf and a sloped bead mirror illuminated by a polished nickel sconces in addition to the marble box floor mosaic.

Design long hallway with blue shiplap ceiling accented with a chandelier pendant illuminating upper walls painted white and lower walls clad in wainscoting facing yellow barn door son rails painted.

Interior doorway with sidelights displays a plank ceiling, a silver leaf chandelier, shiplap walls and warm wood floors.

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Shiplap wall panel design combined with open wooden shelves, to put some ornaments and clothes. We hope this can be a source for anyone, with any home style, because applying panels to the wall can immediately change it from being a base to being attractive.

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