French home styles are many. One of the most famous is French Country style which is a blend between French Normandy and Provincial. It represents the manor and farmhouse. But Parisian combine old and new. They bring farmhouse life into the city of light. Follow these ideas to actualize the Parisian way of living.

1. Oversized Framed Old Fashioned Mirror

Mirror has become the backbone to any French home décor. You will find it in every historic home. They always put an old or antique gilded mirror right above the fireplace. It has been always the first statement of French houses.

Design a living room with a round wooden mirror above the fireplace to create your French-style home.

A creative idea in the living room with a carved mirror that blends with a fireplace wrapped in wood, to create a warm feel with a French style.

The living room design with antique glass on the table fireplace combined with modern chandelier can create warmth in a French style.

French country style living room design with a round mirror above a brick fireplace wrapped in a white wooden coat, to create the warm atmosphere of your home.

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Design a living room with a mirror wall above a white brick fireplace, pale gray walls that color in color and a silver garden bench.

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2. Rustic Touch

If it is possible, install a naked or exposed wood beam at some parts on the ceiling. It will greatly add a rustic look to the room. You can use planned wood with moldings decoration to replace the real wood which is usually heavy and expensive. 

The roof design of the house with wooden planks supported by bare wooden beams can bring a touch of rustic in the dining room.

The ceiling in the bedroom with an antique chandelier and artificial wooden beams, with this design, will bring a touch of rustic in a French-style home.

Beautiful bathroom design in a country house with artificial beams combined with long curtains to create a rustic feel in the shower area.

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The design of the dining room with bare beams arranged neatly, in addition to adding strength to the frame of the house, the bare beam in the ceiling makes a rustic feel in your home with a French style.

Bare wooden beams that stretch to the roof truss on the living room ceiling will create a natural rustic feel.

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3. Go Bohemian

Go find yourself something unique at flea markets or antiques such as chairs, which mainly is chairs and table. Make it stand out and mix it with something minimalist and modern furniture.

Beautiful bedroom decor with unique a chair and a mirror combined with colored bedding will bring a rustic aura that is thick with bohemian style.

The bedroom design with a color bed combined with old furniture next to the bed will bring a perfect change in a farmhouse with a bohemian style bedroom.

Decor the farmhouse in the bedroom with colorful patterned bed linen combined with old curtains and chairs, to create a rustic feel in your personal space.

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4. Minimalist Design

In accordance with the French word, “laissez-faire”, keep the design minimalist without trying too hard. Mix vintage with new.

The idea of decorating a beautiful minimalist luxury living room with leaf framed paintings and other wall hangings. Add a modern sofa and rectangular table, which will bring a cozy rustic atmosphere to your home.

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Minimalist bedroom design with a modern wooden table combined with a wooden floor and a patterned carpet. This design will bring a real rustic feel.

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5. Book For Decorations

Parisian really go easy with space. They let it evolve naturally and effortlessly. If they see a chance to do something with some other thing, they will go for it. Book decoration looks simple, yet it can give quite impact. At first, they are used for space filler, but it turns out books can be some of a décor.

A smart idea to decorate a farmhouse with a Christmas tree made of books and candlestick. This idea will present a beautiful atmosphere in one of the main rooms with a rustic style.

Simple decoration with books arranged vertically with lights and Christmas tree patterns. This design can be used as the main decoration in the living room with a rustic style.

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The first decoration that I put together was using three books, a book-themed coffee mug, and a small fake flower to make a centerpiece at one of the guest tables.

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6. Keep The White Walls

Even the other side of the world turn down the all-white colour hype, Parisian don’t care about it. They will keep their wall white. Later, the focus will be on furniture instead of other things.

You will found out that French country style is really interesting. The décor says everything about how those people are living.

Beautiful decoration in the bathroom with white wall and wood-framed pictures and an oval mirror, this will bring a clean, French-style bathroom ambiance.

Simple dining room decor with a white wall, a white table, and modern chairs, to create a bright and comfortable atmosphere with a French-style design.

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