When picking a mirror shape and pattern for a bathroom, it is not limited in the size and frame choices. You can use either large or small mirror, a long skinny mirror or a wall mirror, and a wooden or a metal framed mirror. You only need to choose the one that reflects your style. For inspirations, let’s see these bathroom mirror frame ideas below. 

1. Puzzle Framed Mirror

Show your contemporary style with geometric designs. It seems to be organized overlapping. This puzzle-framed mirror looks good because it’s made charming. You can install it in a marble sink with two lights on each side of the mirror. Design your marble sink in bold colors so that it will support your bathroom and mirror the best.

Mirror frame puzzle with charming brass metal and chandelier. creating a warm feel in the bathroom.

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The elegant mirror frame puzzle in the bathroom. and combined with a beautiful lighting chandelier.

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A good idea by using a mirror framed puzzle. creative shape made of metal and combined with a beautiful sink and chandelier.

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An amazing rustic style with dominant wooden material and combined with a creative framed puzzle mirror that creates far from boring.

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This bold bathroom decor with a blend of white and blue paint is completed with a beautiful puzzle frame mirror. plus the combination of the chandelier makes it more elegant.

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This warm nuance is created in the bathroom by mounting a puzzle-framed mirror and harmonizing it with a chandelier. Which makes you more comfortable in the bathroom.

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Bathroom decoration is good and forms a calm atmosphere with puzzle-framed mirrors and chandeliers that give a warm impression to the room.

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 2Craved-Wood Framed Mirror

If you don’t like a metal-framed mirror, like puzzle framed mirror above, you can try the wooden one. Wood can level up the mirror looks if you are crafty enough to beautify the wood. These kinds of frames model support your special bathroom themes, for example, farmhouse or back to nature themes.

Creative ideas using this carved wood-framed mirror. make it more environmentally friendly besides making it worth the high decoration value. and combined with marble and wood stone sinks.

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A bathroom with a more natural atmosphere with carved wood-frame mirrors make it more elegant and added a beautiful hanging lamp makes it even more comfortable.

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Carved wood mirror that makes it more stylish in nature and of course environmentally friendly with the application of wall lamps that make it more comfortable.

This bathroom decor makes it even more luxurious by using a carved wood-framed mirror. added with marble stone on the sink gives an elegant accent.

A decorating the bathroom with a mirror carved into a gold-colored mirror that makes it more natural-looking value and combined with the chandelier makes it warmer.

A mirror with carved wooden frame that makes the bathroom elegant with pastel white color. combined with bathroom furniture with gold metal giving a luxurious feel.

A mirror with a beautifully carved wood frame creates a stunning bathroom with a mix of wallpapers with beautiful motifs. make it elegant and comfortable.

A good idea with the selection of wooden mirror frames with beautiful carvings. combined with a sink with a combination of marble and wood plus alloy pendant lamps.

A mirror frame made of wood carved with stunning pastel white. coupled with the color of the wall paint creates warmth with a given dark color.

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3. Seashell Framed Mirror

Do you love to see the sea? Why don’t you try to bring it home with a seashell framed mirror? Some stores have this seashell framed mirror for sale. They have some oval, circle, rectangular, and giant mirror with seashell frames. 

They are available in various colours, but mostly the seashell frame exposes the shell’s natural colour. Choose what fits your bathroom size and design. Though it will be a little bit expensive, it is worth to buy for its powerful effect on your bathroom view.

So, which frames are you in? Implement these bathroom mirror frame ideas soon!


This long-shaped clamshell mirror makes the bathroom decor not boring. and combined with a wooden sink with carved flowers.

image source

A creative idea by making a mirror with a conch frame. make a style like at sea plus a sink made of white stone. You will be more comfortable in the bathroom.

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A stunning décor by using conch-shaped shells into a mirror frame that makes it look high-value. This bathroom-style bathroom decor gives you warmth.

A simple form of decoration but still looks elegant with a mirror frame using sea shells. You will be more comfortable and pleasant in the bathroom.

An interesting idea by using a mirror frame sea shells. This sea shell mirror frame forms the feel of a cool beach. make you more comfortable to be in the bathroom.

This cute seashell mirror frame adds a more pleasant bathroom ambiance. plus a chandelier that gives a warm impression to the bathroom.

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A framed mirror of sea shells on the mirror makes it more fun with white. and combined with the arrangement of the placement of the chandelier gives a warm atmosphere.

A mirror frame using shells is a good idea. make it for you creating not boring.

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The beautiful bathroom uses a mirror frame that makes sea shells elegant. creating a different and more comfortable feel.

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