The living room is certainly a significant element for a home. Having a delightful living room is turned into everybody’s fantasy. Consequently, it is essential to determine the inside idea and plan of a living room. These some living room interior ideas that would inspire you to implement on your home sweet home.

1. Shabby Chic Style; Exquisite and Easy-going

Shabby Chic is one of the interior design styles that features an antique yet elegant design. It is very identical to the use of old-fashioned furniture with floral motifs that ancient but still look beautiful. It has characteristics of a romantic vintage because it often uses soft pastel colours. 

Furnishings with pastel base colours can also add shabby chic elements. One of the easy tips for shabby chic furniture is to use wood furniture and paint in white or pink pastel and use window curtain from light and transparent material with white colour. It will achieve an elegant shabby chic feel.

A beautiful living room with white sofa cover, antique table lamps, and other antique items for your living room decor inspiration.

An attractive living room with white wooden walls, classic sofa, and small table made from old cupboard to complete your living room decoration.

A fabulous shabby chic living room style with small wooden old table, white sofa with patterned pillows, and plaid carpet to perfect your living room decoration.

A gorgeous living room with white sofa, white carpet, white transparent curtains for your living room decor inspiration.

The pastel blue color in an old box that is conjured up as a table, fits in as your shabby chic living room decor.

The living room with blue pastel walls combined with white, contrast with the color of the wooden brown floor. Swing sleep adds a minimalist but chic impression in your living room.

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An attractive living room with dark gray walls, matching sofas and a small antique wooden table on a patterned gray carpet to inspire your living room decor.

Pastel blue on the walls, cabinets, tables, and some sofas combined with rugs made of burlap fabric complete your shabby chic style living room.

A pale white-themed living room with a variety of shabby furniture. This might be an inspiration to decorate your living room.

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2. Scandinavian; Perfect for Small Living-Room

For those of you who like a clean, spacious, and airy look, Scandinavian style can be a choice. Scandinavian interiors are very suitable to be applied in a small room because they give the impression of being simple, neat, and make a small room look more spacious.

A Scandinavian style that is simple and uses soft colour becomes the basis for choosing furniture. Use a wooden board arranged lengthwise as a bookshelf or display shelf. Simple, but still useful. You can decorate the walls with various wall decorations, such as photos, paintings or even inspirational quotes.

A small living room can look spacious if it is white. Wall decoration in the form of paintings of various sizes suitable for your Scandinavian style living room.

The Scandinavian-style living room is next with a fireplace with colorful wood. Storage that protrudes into the wall makes it look spacious.

This scandinavian-style living room has a monochromatic theme. Clearly black and white dominated the whole room.

Natural elements are also not wrongly included in the Scandinavian style. A rather large room plants can be placed in the corner of your living room.

Simple living room design with added rustic elements in the form of woven lamp cover. The thick knit blanket on the sofa is another supporting factor.

If the narrow living room you want to look wider, one side of the living room wall you can use as a spacious storage space without reducing your living room space.

A unique and artistic fireplace makes your living room look charming. Wooden floors painted in white make the room look spacious.

Wooden TV stands and the provision of wooden accents in some parts of the living room make it look attractive. Two attractive wooden chandeliers add to the beauty of this living room.

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3. Rustic; A Distinctive but Warm Impression

The word rustic itself means something simple, rough and unprocessed. A rustic can define as a style in architectural and interior design, which has the characteristic to impress the natural style of non-fine materials, such as raw wood, brick, stone etc, such as the application of exposed wood or brick. 

Utilizing tables and chair from wood material will give aesthetics to your living room. To create a rustic-style interior design that gives a natural impression, you can present floral decoration elements, such as flower-patterned curtains, or artificial flower.

The first rustic style living room came with wooden walls and doors. There is a brick fireplace as well as a TV stand.

Natural stone living room walls combined with intact wooden pillar ceilings create a rustic feel. Fireplaces are also the main key in this rustic living room design.

Rustic elements can be created from a variety of goods and furniture. Classic motif carpets are one of them.

The rural theme in the living room this time is very thick. Almost all elements in this room are made of wood. Old iron wheel lamps complete this rustic living room.

The natural element is directly proportional to the natural rural element. Therefore you can also put some plants and flowers in your living room.

As is very complete, wood and plant material combined in this living room. Followed by some furniture with rural colors and patterns add beautiful in every corner of the room.

An attractive living room with wicker chair set, matching carpet, natural stones fireplace, and other rustic items to complete your rustic style living room decoration.

After all the elements needed to create a rustic atmosphere in your living room, staying neat and precise layout makes your living room look spacious and attractive.

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So, have you decided which one is your favourite living room interior design?

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