One of the most overlooked parts of the house when trying to save space is a storage room or garage. This room is almost always considered not important in the larger picture due to its nature and purpose, which is to store items that are seldom or never used. However, if done right, your garage could pack so much more while occupying the same space. 

With real estate price at its peak, space is a premium many can’t afford to lose. Find out how to maximize your storage space in this article.

Want to know the storage solutions for garages? Read on to find out.

1. Spare enough time to clean up your storage room

A full weekend is usually enough to clean up your storage room. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for your friends or families’ assistance. They would be delighted to help you declutter your mess. With more people, you will find the process of decluttering is faster.

To facilitate cleaning, you can wipe the storage area, the use of stainless steel cabinets is one way to get maximum results when your home

So that your garage looks clean and neat do regular cleaning. Storage that is neatly arranged will attract the attention of others who see it

Vertical cabinet storage can save your storage space. Add a door to protect your goods from dirty dust

Every item you store must be cleaned. Maintain your cleanliness so that dust does not pollute the items you store

Perform regular cleaning for your storage, so that your items are protected from dust

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You can clean your storage area by removing the items inside. This aims to maximize when you clean it

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Clean your storage to get a comfortable atmosphere. Do this regularly to get maximum results

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2. Store items in clear boxes

This should be one of the easiest storage solutions for garages. Stray items consume a lot of space in your garage. So, why not combine them and store them in clear, easily distinguished boxes? That way, you will find it easier to find items you need, and save precious storage space along the way.

A small rectangular insulated box offer some benefits as a simple and neat storage. Color it with white and red paint to make it look more attractive for your storage area is lined up

For storage that is not messy you can use a box made of plastic or cardboard. Add a wooden shelf to apply the existing box

So that your garage does not look full and messy, use a plastic hanging box. This method can save space that is small

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One neat and conditioned storage you can use several plastic boxes. This method is a good idea for a garage with a small room

If you need a durable and durable box, you can use a box made of iron. This box saves space in your room

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For grouping items, you can use boxes and plastic buckets. This method can arrange your items correctly

Wooden baskets and plastic boxes can be used as an easy storage for your garage decoration ideas. Freestanding cabinet can be a large additional storage

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3. Categorize your garage contents

Not only categorizing garage contents will help you find things, it also allows you to identify which items are no longer needed. Throw away the things that you no longer need, donate them if possible, or even sell them for some extra beer money. Afterwards, pay attention to the things you think you still need and put them categorically.

Categorize the items in your home garage, this can make it easier for you to find the intended item. To save space you can use several boxes and freestanding rack

A pegboard that attach on the wall, you can use to storage some handyman tools. Add a freestanding cabinet and hanging rack to increase storage in your home garage

The first step so that your garage does not fall apart, you must categorize the items according to their functions and uses. If you don’t use again the items you can remove it.

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To group items in the garage you can use rack and box. This storage doesn’t take up too much space and can save your garage

You can use stainless steel shelves and hanging racks on the wall as grouping items while in the garage. This method can help you quickly find the items you need

The handyman equipment that organize neatly on wooden board will make it easier for you when you need it. This idea is very good for storing your garage group

Group each item according to the type and purpose. That way you will remember where to store and look for it.

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Did you find those tips for storage solutions for garages useful? Spread the words to your friends and family and help them out when they need it.

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