If you’re currently fancying the thoughts of putting winter decoration on coffee table, you’re not the only worried homeowners. After all, it’s not like we can’t put too many things on top of the table. But what inspiration can strike us, anyway?

We got you covered here because we understand your struggle and have compiled five ideas for winter decoration on coffee table that will look festive during the season. The point of our ideas is that everything should be simple and affordable enough without ignoring the importance of elegance and decorative function. You can thank us later.

1. Clear vases with pine branches

Use the power of glass transparency to build up sophisticated feeling without taking too much space on top of your coffee table. Placing a clear coffee table vase filled with only pine branches turn surprisingly unique and beautiful, and you don’t even have to fidget with other material.

Put pine branches and place on the glass vase is a good idea to enhance your home decor this winter without taking to much of space.

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Decorate your home with small pine branches that place inside the tube glass vases. Place on the table and you will get sophisticated look this winter.

To enhance your home decoration you can place glass vase on the table. Fill with pine branch and red roses to look beautiful. You can add red fruits to complete the decoration.

Fill your tube glass vase with pine cones and pine branch to get sophisticated decoration this winter. It won’t take up to much your space but very significant to enhance your home decoration.

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To get aesthetic decoration this winter you can place glass vase on the table and fill it with pine cones, pine leaves and pine branches. It can make your home looks more beautiful.

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2. Greenery sprayed with white faux snow

If everything around you is already covered in white colour, then go nuts with this trick, too! You can grab outdoor greenery sprayed with fake snow, and then place it happily along with other decorations inside the house. This kind of snow won’t melt forever, you see.

To bring a winter feel in your home decoration you can place greenery that sprayed with faux snow. Put in the classic white vase and place on the coffee table. Complete with deer antler and candles. It can bring a different look in your home.

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Decorate your coffee table with greenery that sprayed with faux snow to feel the winter in your home. Complete with white and silver Christmas ornaments to get perfect decoration.

Place greenery that sprayed with faux snow can make your home really feels like in the outdoor. Spray to the pine cones and pine leaves to reinforce the winter season inside the house.

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Spray some pine cones and pine leaves with fake snow to bring the outdoor winter nuance into your home decoration. You can place on the coffee table to make your home looks beautiful.

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To bring the winter feels in your home you can decorate your home with pine cones and pine leaves that sprayed with fake snow. Place in the vase that covered with burlap to get aesthetic look.

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3. Mason jars and candles

Don’t just decorate your mason jars; put some scented candles inside mason jars, too, for that little variation and aromatic feeling right from your coffee table. Make sure not to drop the mason jars, however, because playing with fire can also backfire, no pun intended.

Decorate your coffee table with mason jars that fill with aromatic candles to give a calm and warm impression in your winter home decoration.

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Place mason jar in your coffee table to get interesting decoration this winter. Fill the mason jar with candle and red berries to look beautiful.

A simple winter decoration on coffee table with mason jar that filled with white candle. Wrap the jar with red plaid fabric and tied with rope to get an aesthetic look.

Another coffee table decoration with mason jars and filled with white candles for simple winter decoration. Decorate your mason jars with red ribbon to get festive look.

If you want a simple winter decoration for your coffee table you can use some mason jars and place the white candles inside. Give a decoration on the top of mason jars to get attractive look.

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4. Filled Tray Basket

The most straightforward trick of all: putting a tray basket on the coffee table after you fill it with pine cones, evergreen accents, and other vintage elements can work a charm and dismiss your concern right away. Now, where do you put that beautifully patterned tray basket?

Filled tray basket with some greenery and candles on the coffee table to get beautiful look this winter.

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Just like this coffee table in this winter, try to place some Christmas ornament on tray and place on the coffee table can create an interesting decoration this winter.

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Place a metal tray on the coffee table and fill with candle and greenery. It can make your home decor looks beautiful.

Coffee table with metal tray, greenery, pine cones, bottles, and white candles are a good decoration for this winter.

Decorate your coffee table with round wooden tray. Fill the tray with pine cones and house plant to look attractive.

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5. Wineglass dioramas as candlesticks

Sacrifice your wineglass for a bigger purpose: enhancing the high-class decoration by using it as candlesticks on the coffee table that can also be scented or not. It will be dioramas containing the magical lights, and you’ll have a better time of enjoying the chilly season.

A charming coffee table decoration with painted wine glasses and other winter ornaments that used for candle stick.

Wine glass that is placed upside down as a candle holder coffee table decoration is a good idea. You can use the top for candle holder and the bottom for snow globe ornament.

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Use the wine glass for candle holder to decorate your coffee table. Complete with silver and blue Christmas ornaments to get winter feel.

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Beautiful coffee table with wine glass decoration for candle holder. Use the bottom for snow globe and complete with Christmas tree ornaments to get beautiful look.

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Arrange the snowman and the Christmas tree under the upside down wine glass and use the base as a candle holder.

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We hope there’s an inspiration for you from these five ideas for winter decoration on coffee table above!

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