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25 Styles for Fireplace and Barbeque Area for Winter Party

Seeking an inspiring input for your house fireplace and barbeque area for a winter party? Feel free to read more on our compiled ideas here!

Setting up or remodelling your fireplace and barbeque area for winter party can be confusing when it’s the season where snow covers every inch. But, speaking of winter party and BBQ, these two are the most heart-warming words that can enhance every homeowner’s feeling.


Since there’s nothing more comforting than a nicely arranged fireplace and barbeque area for winter party, we want to help ease your concern with several ideas you can try out below. It’s time to call friends, families, and neighbours to come over, and start heating your grill for some sweet hot BBQ under the falling snow!


1. Covered Spaces

Speaking of falling snow, if you don’t want to have snowflakes falling on the raw meats or BBQ equipment, you can make a BBQ covered space that will serve as protection from these elements. Bring up the game with some fabrics and twining vines to complete the look!

A good idea decoration for barbeque area with cover space to keep from the snowflakes falling. Complete with fireplace to provide a warmth.

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To protect your barbeque area for snowflakes falling, you can build in your terrace in the backyard. Complete with fireplace for more warmer.

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A gazebo for BBQ area is a good way to protect your barbeque time from snowflakes falling.  With a natural stone wall for fireplace can create a warm impression.

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Build your barbeque area in the terrace to protect from snowflakes falling. You can combine with fireplace to make your barbeque are more warm.

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A winter will be fun by gathering the family in a backyard gazebo with a BBQ area. Beside that it is a good way to protect from snowflakes falling.

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2. Built-in Options

This idea appeals to a tiny space owner but a big party goer at heart! Try to install the stove or grill on the open deck or patio space and use other space to cater more equipment that’ll come handy when it comes to the party in a built-in BBQ area.

The great idea of decorating your backyard with a barbecue area and combining with small fireplace. It can make your winter more pleasant.

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The layout of the barbecue area with wooden roofs and stone walls in the fireplace makes the atmosphere in the winter even warmer. Your barbeque time will be more pleasant.

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A winter party will be more leverage with the patio behind the house with a barbecue area and fireplace stone walls.

A patio with a modern rustic style and a comfortable barbeque area are interesting idea to gather with your family. Complete with small fireplace to make winter more warmer.

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A charming ideas in the backyard with a barbecue area combined with a fireplace are a great idea for a winter party.

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3. Decorative Designs

What’s the use of celebrating winter and Christmas if it’s not about anything festive? Enhance the fireplace appearance in a more decorative look, such as using coloured stones or patterned bricks, or aim for decorative BBQ area by putting piggy wood pellet grill.

A cute pink grill in piggy shape will be the tool of you need when the winter party arrives. It will make your winter party more cheerful.

This electric black barbecue grill is perfect when making a simple winter party.

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A portable glossy black grill can be a simple tool when in the emergency cooking area. The square table can facilitate your activities while cooking in winter.

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The metal that is made into a pig-shaped grill will be an interesting thing for cooking during a barbecue party in winter.

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This charming tubular roasting tool with black color more practical and easier cooking.

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4. Basic

But, again, if your preferences are far from festive, planning a basic outdoor BBQ area or fireplace also doesn’t serve their original purpose meaningfully. Consider investing in charcoal grills in a simple design that is easy to use and store for a long time.

This outdoor barbecue area is simple and classic design. This design is suitable for those of doesn’t like a festive decor. Even though this design is simple but can give a comfortable impression.

image source

A warm feel in winter with a farmhouse-style barbecue area. This design is classic and can give a warm impression in winter.

A barbeque area with wooden roofs and stone walls looks sturdy building and equipped with a fireplace. This is a classic design but can create delightful impression this winter.

A combination of BBQ grill with fireplace in the backyard of the house can create a warm atmosphere for the winter party.

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The classic outdoor barbecue area is perfect for parties with families with natural stone accents and round tables making it even more elegant.

image source

5. Light Strings Power

Having a BBQ party at night is always the most intriguing idea. Try hanging light strings in the BBQ area or fireplace that’ll come chic in the evening and complete it with subtle decoration on the dining table.

A barbeque area in the backyard with light string are very interesting to create a chic and romantic impression in the evening. Combine with fireplace to make more warmer.

A warm nuances in the barbecue area can be created with a combination of fireplace and string lights.

This barbecue area with a combination of string lights and vinyl wood for flooring idea gives a warm impression to welcome the winter.

image source

The minimalist shape by pairing string lights with white light and adding a carnival umbrella can make a festive winter party.

A barbeque area with a wooden roof combined with lamp string can create a chic and warm nuance this winter.

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See, isn’t it easy to implement these styles for fireplace and barbeque area for winter party? Good luck!

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