Are you planning to decorate your home to welcome Christmas? You can do some DIY Christmas decorations to make it even more special. Then follow the 3 DIY rustic ornament below!

1. Rustic Christmas Wreath

Hang up Christmas wreaths on the door to greet your lovely guests. 

What you’ll need:

  • scissors or wire cutter
  • floral wire
  • evergreen sprigs


  • First, cut your evergreen sprigs in a size of about 9-10 inches.
  • After that, gather into one to form a thicker bundle. Then tie the evergreen sprigs bundle to the circle-shaped wire.
  • Then make another bundle and place it right above the first one. Repeat until your wreath is perfect.

Prepare tools such as garden shears, green stems, ropes, and wires, start by wrapping wire flowers around the wreath frame to secure it.

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You could use all fake greenery, but that would make it a little more expensive.

Cut small pieces of florist tape and stretch around your piece of greenery to secure.

Use the berries at the end to try and hide the florist’s tape that meets in the middle.

Choose which side you will give the ribbon for decoration at the same time to hang your homemade wreath.

Finally, tie a ribbon around the top to hang on doors, windows, or anywhere.

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In addition to wire, you can use roots and twigs. Besides being cheap, they will create a thick rustic feel.

Install at the front door of your house, your modern home will be more artistic.

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2. Burlap garland

Our next DIY project is burlap garland. This rustic ornament is usually hung on the front door or above the fireplace.

What you’ll need:

  • ornaments
  • burlap ribbon (red, green, and natural)
  • scissors


  • Cut the burlap ribbon with a size of 10 inches. Then tie them one by one to the ornaments.
  • You can set the colour arrangement according to your taste and should give a little space so that the lights are not blocked.
  • After that, display your burlap garland on the doorway, stairs, or above the fireplace.

Cut the burlap of the same size using scissors. Depending on the width of your ribbons, your garland can also be wider and more voluminous if you choose.

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In addition to the burlap fabric itself that you need to prepare is some Christmas ornaments. There are many choices for it depend on your wishes and budget.

Begin to tie your burlap pieces over the clothesline, making sure to attach it tightly so that the clothesline isn’t visible.

When you’ve knotted enough burlap ribbon to create your desired length, decide where the decorative pieces should go.

Make sure all the ornaments that you put in are made of lightweight materials.

Be sure to cinch the raffia ribbon tight so the ornaments don’t too loosely.

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Once you have completed your garland and hung it in place where you want, add the strands of lights if you wish.

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3. Rustic Twine Ball Ornament

It certainly is the perfect ornament for your rustic Christmas. 

What you’ll need:

  • twine
  • white glue
  • balloons
  • plaid ribbon
  • glue gun


  • Blow your balloon up to the size of the twine ball you want. Then soak the twine to the white glue and stick it to the surface of the balloon.
  • Keep doing it until twines slightly cover the balloon. Allow it to dry and pop your balloons. Slowly take the remaining balloons from the twine ball.
  • Decorate the twine ball with red ribbon on it. Now, you can hang it as a Christmas tree ornament.

The first step is to prepare twines and balloons. Small balloon suitable for making ball ornaments.

Cut the yarn according to the diameter of the balloon, then use the piece to measure the rest of your yarn.

These mine pieces are around 10 inches, but feel free to cut longer or shorter.

Mix about 1 part glue with 1 part water. Without water, this glue is very sticky and difficult to work with.

You need to remove some of the excess glue, otherwise your ball is going to be a drippy mess.

Press one end of the glue covered twine onto the top of the balloon, then wrap the rest of the strand of twine around the balloon.

Before you pop your balloon, make sure you separate the glued twine from the balloon. When the balloon has deflated, you can pull it out.

And then apply red ribbon to the twine ball. Tying a ribbon must be difficult. Use glue to make it look better.

Finally, you can install the twine ball ornament to decorate a Christmas tree in your home.

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To create a merrier Christmas this year, try one of these 3 DIY rustic ornament projects!

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