Your bed selection isn’t the only thing that determines how comfortable and lovely your bedroom is. The headboard selection also matters, as it can become the tip of the iceberg that can elevate the vibe of your bedroom. Therefore, it’s important to select the perfect headboard designs that can complement the room’s aesthetic, apart from the bed itself. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out these 5 unique headboard ideas.

1. White headboard with shelves

Not only is it one of the simplest minimalist headboard ideas, but it’s also one of the most practical. The simple paneled white headboard is a looker and has two lockers for storing your personal items. Place your favorite books, mini planter, or framed pictures in it to add even more personality to this exciting headboard.

Adding shelving headboard is a clever idea if you love to stay up all night with your favorite books. You can place some books on the shelf of the headboard to make you easy get your book.

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Headboard with storage shelf in front gives a minimalist impression in the bedroom. You can use to place your books or a clock.

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A headboard design with white wood panels and added with shelves can be used to put your house plant, books and some ornaments.

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A multi functional bed ideas with shelf headboards to organize kids stuff. It can make your kids bedroom looks neat and comfortable.

A headboard design with a minimalist shelves and paired with drawers under the bed for extra storage in the bedroom. You can use the shelves on the headboard to store your books or ornament.

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2. Curved headboard

If you’re in need of some compact headboard designs, then this curved headboard has you covered. The sleek velvet surface is certainly charming, and very comfortable to place your head onto.

The idea of a bed with a curved headboard with a soft surface is suitable to make you feel more comfortable when leaning on the bed.

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The bed design with a black curved headboard provides a comfort for your resting time.

A curved headboard platform bed with a soft surface creates comfort for resting by leaning.

A curved headboard with modern red faux leather upholstered giving a comfortable and warm feel.

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A curved headboard with soft material and combined with several soft pillows make it more comfortable when you rest.

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3. Wooden headboard with a rag

Who says a rug is only useful when placed on the floor? Place one over your plain, wooden headboard, and it will instantly become a striking object to look at. Of course, while the headboard ideas for the base are important, you need to apply the right rug designs as well.

The unique design of the headboard using a black patterned rug gives a unique impression in the bedroom.

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A rug is not only on the floor but can be installed to cover the wooden headboard. It can create a unique and traditional feel.

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A charming bed design with colorful abstract pattern rug that placed on the headboard to give a stunning impression in your bedroom.

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Bed design with fur rug is a creative idea to cover your wooden headboard. It can give the different texture and touch to your bedroom decor.

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A charming bed with colorful carpet on the wooden headboard can give a bright and comfortable feel.

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4. Library headboard

Headboard designs are also useful for expressing who you are and what you love. Therefore, express yourself with one of the quirkiest minimalist headboard designs that is a library headboard. This geeky headboard is made from old books that are stuck to each other in order to create a unison pattern. Of course, you can make one yourself from your old, worn-out books.

Unique bed design with headboard using books that are neatly arranged, giving an exceptional bed looks.

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A headboard with an old book on the wall gives a creative impression and combined with beautiful decorative lights. It can make your bedroom looks attractive.

Spacious bedroom design with a bed using a book headboard and combined with soft fluffy rugs.

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Old books that you might not use can make it as a headboard, and create a more creative and captivating impression.

Attractive bed design with an ancient book headboard and a pair of patterned cushions to create a stunning design.

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5. Decal headboard

What if one of the best headboard ideas is the one without a headboard? Yup, despite the paradox, a pseudo-headboard can become a stunning bedroom décor as well. To do that, simply apply a decal to the headboard part of your bed. Not only does it give you a plethora of options to choose from, but it also saves space.

The simple idea with headboard picture that resemble a real headboard to give a stunning decoration.

You can choose the style for the painted headboard. This is a creative idea and you can create your headboard adjust to your passion.

Applying a decal headboard can be adjusted to the bedroom design. If you like a classic bedroom design you can create a headboard in classic shape and color.

Simple-looking headboards with neutral color and simple shape to create a minimalist impression in your bedroom.

You can make a statement in your bedroom by applying decal headboard big shape and nice detail. It can give an elegant impression on the bedroom.

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And on that bombshell, have you decided which headboard designs to apply to your bedroom?

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