It’s icy outside, but winter holidays definitely bring warmth throughout the town because this means more time to spend with your family and friends. And for the festive season, sprinkling happiness for elderly family members is something special you can do. 

One thing you can come up with is showering joy for your elderly family members. Create some creative moments where the eldest are engaged in activities to promote stimulation in their muscle and right brains. Wall decor craft can be perfect options because you can later use their arts for your winter party with family.  

If you haven’t had any ideas of what kinds of wall art activities you can serve for the seniors, here are simple, fun, and fast activities that are also enjoyable at the same time.

1. Memories Tree

Elders must first collect their past photos of special moments or special people they have and place those portraits in leaves-shaped paperboard or felt. Once those crafty leaves with images have been gathered, stamp them on a backdrop with blossom tree drawing. Voila, a special wall art décor is finished. It’s going to be some kind of time machine that brings them back to the past moments.

If you have a collection of old photos, you can place them on a wall decoration in the form of a memory tree. You can apply your photos to bars to take you back in time. This method will make your home more attractive.

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A classic look for wall decoration with a memory tree for you to try. Add a few photos of the past and stick them to tree branches as if bringing them back to the past.

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Insert some old photos into the memory tree to bring your guests back to the past. Stick it on the wall to make it look attractive.

You can put some old photos in the memory tree on the wall to make it look stylish. Stick it to a tree branch as if it will take you back to the past.

If you want to decorate the walls of your home by adding a memory tree to get the perfect beauty. You can place multiple photos on tree branches to make it look stylish. You can try it now.

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2. Snowman and Pine Tree Decorations

For this activity, use some papers in various colors, a scissor, glue, and strings. You also need to create snowman and pine tree templates from cardboard. With the templates, the elderly can make snowman and pine tree on the colored papers and glue them on the strings. You can make several decorative strings and hang them all on the wall. And your wall décors are ready to display. 

To welcome your family to your home, you can use pine tree wall decorations to make it look attractive. Add another winter ornament to make it look beautiful in winter holiday decorations.

To decorate your winter walls, use pine trees from used cardboard to mix them with other ornaments to get a different interesting feel.

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If you want to decorate the walls of your home to get the perfect beauty, you can add pine trees from used cardboard. Add interesting tumblr lights and you can try it now.

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3. Winter Craft – Snow Flakes 

This simple and beautiful activity will give you stunning snowflakes that you can use for wall decoration. You just need lots of white papers, a pair of scissors, pencils, and you also need to look for couples of snowflake patterns you can easily get on the internet. Since it’s quite easy, just make dozens of snowflakes and hang them around or stick them on the wall. Those are some ideas you can craft for your wall décors during this holiday seasons. Happy holiday!

If you have a snowflake hanger, you can put it on the wall of the house. You can make it yourself from paper as an illusion of falling snowflakes. This method will make your home more attractive.

A classic look for home wall decor with snowflake hangers for you to try. Use fine white paper to make this decoration and hang it on the wall will give a simple but attractive appearance.

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Putting paper snowflake hangers for the illusion of snow falling from the air will make everyone feel cold. Stick it to the wall of the house to make it look attractive.

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You can put snowflake hangers to get the illusion of snow falling from the air. Use fine white paper and hang it on the wall to complete your winter home decor.

To get an interesting impression on winter wall decorations, you can add paper snowflakes. mix with other organizations to complement your home decor.

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Craft white snowflakes from white paper will be an adorable decoration in winter. Mounted perfectly to the wall will create the illusion of snow and decorate your home.

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A fun way to enhance your home decor into a pleasant winter vacation by adding white paper winter snow to the walls will make your room look attractive.

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