What do you expect after a day spent at work and then going home during the coldest winter season? Perhaps a glass of hot chocolate. But that is later when you made your way to your kitchen. Before that, you have to go through your foyer first. How about some foyer design ideas to make your foyer invitingly warm?

The idea is to first-impress everyone that set their foot on your foyer to forget the coldness outside the house. 

1. Warmth for the Foot

The first thing to do when you get in is to hang your winter coat and take off your shoes or boots. A rug must warmly welcome your foot. Add a rug for a warm welcome. There are many options for a warm rug. While wools are the most expensive kind of rug, you can try other material such as cotton or viscose. 

Don’t forget to cover the stairs with rug too. Especially if your foyer has stairs. Match the stair’s rug with the rug area for a glimpse of a theme.

A blue carpet with a brown pattern placed on the foyer describes the color of the walls and floor as one. Thick materials will make your guests feel warmer when they visit in winter.

In addition to warming your feet in the winter, this thick carpet with a striking pattern can be a central focal point in your home foyer.

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Winter foyer decoration with a pleasant patterned rug and adds the right touch of softness without looking too heavy or cold.

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2. Lovely Seating

Put an upholstered bench that matched your interior design. Put some warm-looking cushions so the guest can relax while waiting. Or so you can relax while reading a newspaper or mails.

Chairs with comfortable fake fur cushions decorate the foyer beautifully. Very comfortable and is an extraordinary place to sit and wear shoes.

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A fake fur-lined chair or bench is a comfortable place to remove your heels and open a letter. While the mirror decoration set a comfortable tone.

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Make your guests more happy by adding a beautiful bench or any seat at the entrance. A thick, warm chair will make anyone feel at home in your home.

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3. Lighting Effect

Lighting can be extremely tricky in expressing the interior design. A wrong-picked lighting piece can ruin the air in the foyer. Choose a good piece of chandelier or lighting fixture that show glamorous looks. Pick the lamp color as warm as possible. An accent of yellowish color is best suited to induce warmth.

Turning a functional entrance into an attractive and stylish space creates an interesting atmosphere. Spot Lights that illuminate wall hangings create a warm and beautiful effect.

The design of the lights mounted on the foyer is made as attractive as possible which creates the effect of the sun in order to give the impression of warmth in winter.

Lighting effects supported by a large mirror make a warm effect in the foyer of your home. Spotlights mounted on the ceiling add an elegant and modern impression.

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4. Woody Wood

Wood is the symbol of warmth. Anything made of wood could induce warmth. Start applying some wooden parts in the foyer. Wooden table and chairs, wooden umbrella stand, wooden floor, and wooden wainscoting. 

The touch of wood from floor to ceiling creates a warm effect in this foyer. Sliding barn doors and buffet style tables will accommodate all your daily needs.

Rustic wooden benches and antique round mirrors decorate this porch with a rustic feel. The bench material was deliberately not processed to create a warm effect for this winter’s decoration.

Open beams are paired with charming furniture and decorative details for a truly charming foyer. Old lamps with iron and glass covers add to the warm decoration of this extraordinary rustic.

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5. Decorations

Lastly, don’t be afraid to put some decoration in the foyer. Take out your unused winter boots and put it under your small drawer next to the front door. Or hang some Christmas decoration on the wall or the front door, such as winter wreath and evergreen garlands.

You can embellish the walls with sconces or candle lanterns. These wintery ornaments will blend in well, even add more warmth inside the house.

The round woven ornament from coconut leaves complements the foyer decorating with a tropical theme. To add a natural touch, use flowers and vines to decorate your winter foyer.

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The round mirror is always successful for decoration anywhere in your home. To top it off, a wicker basket is placed under a wooden table that creates a rustic feel to your winter foyer decoration.

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Pine leaves are the perfect winter decoration. You can decorate your foyer with mini Christmas trees, bouquets of flowers, and garlan from pine leaves. Fake gifts sprinkled with pine cones add to the foyer drama this winter.

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Are you ready to try these inspirational tips of foyer design ideas? Dig your creativity to get more designs.

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