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15 Cool White and Blue Ornament That’ll Guarantee Your Home Stunning View

A white and blue ornament will always adorn your house in an enchanting way. Thus, you need to try these selected items below for your home.

For a stunning view home, nothing can beat white and blue ornaments (mostly known as Delft Pottery). These types of adornments have been popular for a long time. They are famous because of their striking white and blue colors and iconic patterns. Are you interested? Here are some selected ornaments that might suit you.

1. White and Blue Umbrella Stand

Use these white-and-blue umbrella stands for an elegant accent of the entryway. The Asian-inspired patterns and bright two-tone colors make it worth ornament to have. You can use it to corral umbrellas and walking sticks.

Beautiful Asian decoration blue and white Chinoiserie umbrella stand. Made of ceramic, antique and perfect for entryways in your home.

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Impress your guests when you enter your home with an entryway decoration that has high artistic value. Examples of small things from this charming decoration are the blue and white ceramic umbrella stands. Wall with matching wallpaper will make it look more decorative.

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To complete this white and blue umbrella holder, you can choose a large antique mirror with a carved wooden frame. A small bench made of woven material adds drama to the higher level.

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Entryway might be an important part of your home for you to think of decoration. Try this classic yet elegant decoration by placing a blue and white Chinoserie umbrella stand. In addition to functioning as an umbrella stand, this will be an inviting entryway decoration.

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The dragon motif is very thick traditional Chinese art. You can choose this motif on the blue and white umbrella stand at your entryway. To create a vintage impression, use your grandfather’s wooden sticks and your house will be amazing.

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2. White and Blue Vase

Increase your flowers and greeneries display by placing them inside a Delft vase. With minimal paintings, it can turn to be a simple table centerpiece or window stool decor. To make this decorative item more alive, you can place it on a side table.

Place a Chinese vase with white lilies in your living room to add instant elegance and sophistication. A statue of a woman in traditional clothes adds to the artistic decoration.

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The striking combination of cobalt blue and white, somehow these pieces have managed to blend beautifully with almost all the other colors in the room. Choose another bright color flower like red to add accent to the room.

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Chinese-style white and blue vases are aligned with ceramic table with rough accents and neutral-colored kitchen spaces as easily as they turn your palms. Choose white flowers to make a clean and modern impression.

The Chinoiserie accent has long been regarded as a timeless elegant addition to any interior decoration. White and sky blue make your space neutral and can complement any color scheme that you can imagine like an interior dominated by brown and beige.

Room decoration looks peaceful with dominant white and blue colors. Table lamps, ceramic flower vases, and peacock paintings emit charming blue on the white background of the walls.

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3. White and Blue Pot

When plastic pots are no longer fascinating to use, shift your selection to a white-and-blue porcelain planter. Their pretty white-and-blue prints such as floral, animals, and geometric designs, will eventually level up your windowsill herbs in the kitchen. Besides, they are ideal for adding the finishing of a bathroom. Decorating your house in a white and blue ornament is the prominent way to reflect a bright sky and calm clouds. It is, of course, eye-catching.

Decoration in blue and white, in organic and geometric patterns, can be seen in all types of pots with this ornamental orange fruit plant.

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Outdoor decoration is also as important as the interior. In addition to vases and jars, these types of blue and white ceramics can also be found in large growers. Place it in front of your patio pillar to add a classic and elegant impression.

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Think of an attractive garden planter to decorate your terrace. Also use other additional decorations to support the chinoiserie drama on your decoration like this pagoda statue.

Complete your classic style home with antique and charming chinoiserie decorations. Put them on the kitchen island to make your kitchen more natural and inviting.

Chinoiserie ceramics collection provides interesting dishes to your home kitchen. The white orchid exudes its beauty perfectly with this charming round blue and white pot.

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