Winter days have us dreaming of springtime. If you are looking for ideas to freshen up your mood after the freezing gray day, here are some spring colorful planter ideas to make your indoor and outdoor decoration colorful and bright for spring.

1. Hanging Basket Planter

There’s always room for a hanging basket, from your garden to front porch railing, fabulous ways to boost the spring spirit.

Choose one or more varieties of your favorite colorful flowers, mix them, hang them up and water. Then sit back and enjoy the captivating show of cascading hanging basket, overflowing with brilliant color as they catch the sun.

Just like when planting in your garden, you must choose the right plants for the right place. Choose trailing plants for the sides and bottom of the container, and more upright varieties in the center of the container.

Using a high-quality potting mix is ​​very important for a successful hanging basket. Use bright flower colors for more neutral pots.

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Without a lot of soil to hold water, hanging baskets need to be alert or they will dry out. Therefore you need to water every day so that your plants do not wilt.

The advantage of hanging flower baskets with only one choice of plants is that they can make a statement. This purple petunias shouted as if they were celebrating a cheerful spring.

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2. Colorful Window Boxes

Do you have those empty window boxes during a few months of winter? Now let’s bring a little delight to the neighborhood and arrange a wide floral window box.

You can use so many best spring flowers and plants, such as tulips, roses, daffodils, begonias, or even grasses and succulents.

The trick to making this spring colorful planter wonderful is to mix fresh outdoor potting soil with existing soil before planting. And be certain to mix the plants in different sizes and height.

One sign of planting only one type of bulb such as a lily in your window box is that they all bloom at the same time, displaying extraordinary performances.

The bright pink flowers are arranged symmetrically and contrast with these white-painted shutters and bricks. A perfect spring greeting to welcome this exciting season.

Plant what works well in your area, place the specimen higher in the back, fuller in the middle, and spill on the front and sides.

Spring messages from anywhere can even come from your home windows. White and a touch of green new growth send a colorful message that spring has arrived.

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3. Petunias in the wooden planters

No doubt that the pretty petunias are one of the most popular spring flowers. They come in beautiful colors like purple, pink, white and yellow. Petunias in the wooden planters will be a perfect match as they can last for years.

Please mind that petunias require well-draining soil and nutrients to produce vibrant blooms all season long. Water and prune them regularly, fertilize monthly for blooming plants every month from spring through summer.

A mass of purple and magenta petunias filled this wooden box in the spring. If possible, try to use a soft gardening snips to cut off old blooms and allow more to grow.

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A tall wooden planter box is the right size to include several petunias, millions of bells, or other spring flowers.

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You can pour your creativity into making wooden planter boxes this spring. Make it look like a wheelbarrow model using used wheels or you can look for it at a junk shop.

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Create fun wood planters to help accentuate your unique planter for an attractive garden view that your guests will love. This high rise wood planter is used for beautiful and colorful petunias.

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4. Succulent Spring Planter

Are you a succulent fan? This cute-as-button plant is unique, eye-catching and dried-tolerance. They also come in many beautiful colors’ shades.

Although they need low maintenance, succulents need sunshine to grow. So, if you had a plan to put the succulent spring planter indoor, put them nearby window facing the south side as the side has the brightest sun exposure throughout the day.

An easy and inexpensive way to make beautiful spring decorations is with this succulent. This plant is perennial so you can use it in various seasons as your home decoration.

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You can play with terrarium for your favorite succulents. Plants like this you can put on the window or even be the centerpiece of your dining table.

Low-maintenance succulents will be one of the best sellers this spring. You also don’t need expensive pots, even used ceramic cups can be responsible for decorating your spring.

Succulent with colorful pots which are placed well in a room will attract anyone’s attention. Higher cacti are placed in larger pots to complement your spring decoration.

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As the sun rising over the treetop, get ready for those busy morning planting. Which one from these spring colorful planter ideas came up in your mind?

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