Garden with all the beautiful and eyes pleasing flowers and plants might be everyone’s favorite. However, not everyone has the luxury of a backyard or separate garden for that. Not only small houses have this problem, but also people who live in an apartment.

Mostly, apartments only have a small outdoor space. It is a small limited balcony or patio where you can only plant a few favorite flowers before you run out of space. If this describes you, don’t worry because with these three brilliant vertical garden for apartment ideas, you can turn that small balcony of yours into a stunning garden.

1. Hanging Vertical Garden

The first vertical garden for apartment you can implement is the hanging planters. You can buy this kind of planters in a store, or you can make it yourself. For this project, you need the clay pot, pine board, rope, and zip ties. First, choose how many pots you want to hang and make holes in the pine board with that data. Then, give some spaces between the boards and put the pots inside the holes. Finally, zip the ropes to make sure the boards won’t collapse. Now you can have your own flowers or herbs garden.

This hanging vertical garden idea can be applied anywhere you want including in the bathroom. Plants that grow happily add a pleasant aroma to the bathroom at any time.

You can easily attach a wire frame to the ceiling to create stunning garden decorations. You can also choose a variety of pot sizes to make a full decoration.

The advantage of planting these vertical hanging pots is that all plants will get even sunlight. Balcony with glass windows will easily provide enough light for your plants.

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Plants that are suitable for the idea of ​​vertical hanging plants is to use vines. In addition to making it look attractive, they will provide more oxygen to your room with lots of leaves.

By using hooks, you can easily connect and break each hanging pot. So you can easily secure your plants when the weather is not friendly.

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2. Wooden Pallet Vertical Garden

Unused wooden pallets can be easily found in several industrial areas. Take some and turn them into the planter for your apartment’s garden. Stack the pallets vertically and fill each pallet with dirt and soil. If needed, you can also paint them with whatever colors you like or match your apartment. This way, you will have a save vertical spacing planter in your balcony. 

Palettes can serve as a very useful medium for home decoration projects. This vertical planter uses a pallet attached to the wall and a glass jar for the pot media.

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You can make your home more beautiful with flowers and plants that grow on palette plantations. Everything you need is wooden pallets, ropes, and plants with small pots.

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This vertical garden idea can be applied on the balcony of your apartment. Besides not requiring a large place, the decoration of this wooden pallet will add to your comfort when reading a book, drinking tea, or just relaxing.

Vertical palette gardens with colorful flowers will add to the look of your apartment more inviting. Place it in the corner of the empty space because this pallet planter doesn’t need much space.

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3. Ladder Shelves Vertical Garden

With the huge demand in urban areas where space is a real matter, many stores sell ladder shelves nowadays. But, if you want to save some money, you can also build one yourself. Prepare wooden boards and three wooden legs for the foundation. Attach them using nails and hammer, and you can put any plants you want on top of it.
Those are the three brilliant vertical garden for apartment ideas you can opt for.

Plants arranged neatly on the ladder will be an attractive decoration in your apartment. Arrange according to type or size according to your pleasure.

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Get an old ladder and start making this DIY ladder planter. You can make attractive apartment decorations at low cost.

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The idea of ​​a ladder planter makes it possible to store lots of plants without taking up much space in your small apartment. Give a touch of color to your pots to give fun to the house.

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This DIY shelf is the perfect way to pedal an old wooden staircase into a multifunctional decoration. In addition you can use to put your favorite plants, can also be a temporary place for your collection of books.

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If you like to plant plants and unconventional solutions in their settings, this idea can be very useful for you. This DIY ladder will surprise you with its simplicity while being admired by its sophistication.

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