You don’t need to buy shelving units to keep your dining room neat when you can create one. Aside from its being way friendlier to your bank account, you can develop your creativity by making your own shelving design. But perhaps you just don’t know what to prepare to make a shelf. So here are some ideas of easy dining room shelving.

1. Use pine woods

There are so many different types of woods you can use to create your shelving. However, pine woods could be the best choice for you since it is the most affordable wood type in the market. Other things you can benefit from pine woods are that it is easy to use, paint, and stain.

Pine wood storage rack in the dining room is enough to reduce the chaos. The concept is simple and without polish makes this dining room feels rustic. You can use pine wood to make this shelves.

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Open shelves offer plenty of storage while adding charm at the same time. Pine wood with a rough texture makes the modern furniture in your dining room stand out.

This large, multi-storey open-plan dining rack allows you to accommodate more things. Pine wood can be an easy and inexpensive choice to make it.

This pine wood open cabinet is equipped with wicker basket that you can use to overcome the chaos in your dining room. Rough white paint complements the dining room furniture with this modern rustic style.

Storage of pine wood plates makes the dining room walls more functional and offers attractive rural views to the space.

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2. Get powerful with stains

Some people would think that the natural brownish color of the wood is good enough for a shelving unit. However, you can get better sensations from the shelving if you get the woods stained. Applying stains on it would get the wood a more powerful and colorful look. 

Open shelves in the living room serve to look after your needs or even help add decorative elements to the theme. White paint with stains accent creates an instant farmhouse.

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Storage cabinets have emerged as a unique trend in designing dining rooms. Let the stains decorate the cupboards with this dull beige to complement the colorful chairs.

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One end of the room which is further away has been dedicated to the decoration of rustic storage cabinets. Beige color with a little dull accent gives an interesting contrast to the white wall with a black table.

An attractive dining room with vintage pieces, from carpets to lamps, as well as a nod to the style of a farmhouse, such as the appearance of a rough finishing storage cabinet and wooden table.

Consider painting your walls bright white to accentuate the furniture in your dining room. A dull white vintage storage cabinet under an abstract painting with a gold frame adds more dramatic dining room decor.

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3. Add some decorations

Yes, you built it to store your cutleries. But installing some decorations such as faux greeneries or ceramics (or your other favourite things) would beautify your shelving.

Making things interesting without creating visual chaos in your dining room is everyone’s dream. This built-in cabinet between the fireplaces holds beautiful masterpieces for decorating the room.

Spacious storage space is the key to the shape and function of any dining room. Use them to put your broken collection of pieces as room decorations.

Country house dining room with a soothing color scheme ensures a down-to-earth atmosphere. A storage cabinet that meets one wall makes this dining room decoration attractive.

With a storage art that moves a wall, this dining room combines textures and dimensions in the right way.

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This built-in cabinet with open wooden frame gives the impression of a real country house. Its appearance like a large painting makes this dining room decoration beautiful and classic.

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Those are the easy dining room shelving ideas of our version you can try. You may find some hardships at the beginning of the creation. But that is okay. Just play with your imagination and get creative. You will see how your creativity develops as you train it with the making of the dining room shelving.Last but not least, we hope you find this article useful and you can get the best out of your dining room shelving. Make sure to be careful during the making and have a good time!

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