Did you ever have a centerpiece on your dining table in the spring? If the answer is yes you’ll be reading some amazing spring centerpiece ideas. But if it’s the opposite, it’s time for you to give it a try! Having a centerpiece in your dining room during the spring season can give you a whole different experience of the season because it will add joy and warmth to the dining room.

Now you might be thinking of buying a cute centerpiece. However, creating one would be an amazing idea not only because it saves your money but also you would have the flexibility of the design. You can make any centerpiece design that you want. Here are some amazing DIY spring centerpiece ideas you can try.

1. Use a mason jar

A container must be the first thing you look for when you want to make a centerpiece. For this purpose, you can use a mason jar.

Centerpieces spring combines fresh flowers this season with attractive vases and baskets. This mason jar with woolen straps is a beautiful decoration with colorful flowers.

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One interesting spring decoration idea is to fill mason jars with cherry blossoms and place them right in the middle of the table. The soft pink color can melt the atmosphere at the dining table.

Three mason jars tied together with brown ribbons make the flowers more fully. White flowers create an impression of calm on your dining table while eating.

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2. Make it green

The spring season is such a beautiful season because plants grow in the season. Bringing some greeneries to your centerpiece set would make a soothing and joyful green gardenish sight. You can either go with the real ones or the faux ones.

This spring centerpiece and table decoration will surprise and delight your guests. Green plant elements are arranged in such a way as to have an attractive dining table appearance.

Consider decorating your dining table with the results of your own garden. Cauliflower is a green vase that attracts the attention of anyone who sees it.

These ferns and greenery make the dining table feel more fresh and natural. Decorate it along the dining table to entertain more guests.

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3. Go with flowers

Still, in the domain of plantings, you can opt to add flowers to your DIY centerpiece. Not only will it display a beautiful centerpiece display but also (some type of flowers) emit sweet scents thus strengthen the spring feel. For instance, a baby’s breath would be a good option.

These colorful flowers are the best way to celebrate spring in style. Pink and purple lilies dominate the centerpiece with grace and confidence.

These brightly colored flowers make you radiant when dining with your family or guests. Add a little greenery to unite the natural look.

This pink rose arrangement contrasts with the neutral stripes tablecloth. This unexpected yet beautiful decoration is perfect for a beautiful spring center.

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4. Add some white ceramics

You can also add some white ceramics to your centerpiece. For example, animals-shaped ceramics such as rabbits or birds can make your centerpiece look more alive.

Fill a white porcelain accented flower vase with colorful tulips as a dining table centerpiece. This gives the table an atmosphere of the whole field of tulips in shades of gold, purple, pink and white.

The flowers are arranged in a white ceramic cup on a plate and placed on a multilevel tray. Give a fresh look to the dining table when you entertain your guests.

White ceramic flower-filled pitchers are arranged on glass trays of different heights and are accompanied by fake bird nests, mosses, and dried grass.

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5. Play with your creativity

Aside from having plantings and white ceramics in your centerpiece set, you can add other materials based on your creativity. For example, you can add paper flowers from origami paper or stick some kind of stickers such as butterfly stickers. Those are the must-try DIY spring centerpiece ideas of our version. We hope you can get the best out of your DIY spring centerpiece. See you!

Thanks to paper bouquets, you can keep your centerpiece intact throughout the season. With a little creativity, you can create charming decorations.

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Eggs made from colorful clay feel cool and won’t break. Eggs and narcissus will remind you of Easter in this cheerful season.

With this paper butterfly decoration, the center decoration will be more dramatic and bring pleasure to the dining room. Matching pink flowers with tablecloths to harmonize the beautiful decorations.

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