Either you work as a freelancer or an employee, you will need a designated place at home to do your business, called a home office. Yet, thinking you have no extra space for it? Stop assuming, a little creativity and perhaps some proper inspirations are all it takes to successfully carve out a simple home office design in small space. 

1. A Simple Home Office Under Stairs

Don’t waste your under-stair space! Squeezing a home office nook under your stairs isn’t hard to do. You only need to place a built-in desk, black leather chair, lamp, and a floating shelf. To exude a professional atmosphere, consider using different paintings and floorings.

Maximize the available space under the stairs as best you can by building something more useful. A simple desk with many cabinets provides a place to work as well as extra storage space.

Simple home offices make use of the emptiness under the stairs with several open corner shelves. The shelves can be used to store your work documents.

The interesting thing about the idea of ​​a home office under the stairs is that the narrow space will allow you to easily concentrate while doing work.

Untuk ruang yang lebih besar, Anda dapat menyimpan lebih banyak item. Kursi kecil memungkinkan Anda memasuki meja dan tidak memakan terlalu banyak ruang.

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2. An Industrial Home Office in an Entryway

Double your entryway wall’s function! Add a console table along the wall and have a chair. It is better to have a metal element for each furniture. Thus, it can be easy for you to pair them with other decorative things, such as umbrella stands and a sunburst mirror. 

For a stylish look, add sconces in your entryway home office. They can help you to enlighten and decorate the space.

Having a smaller home office does not mean you have to try a chaotic life. Use the entryway to make it and beautify it with other wall hangings.

Utilizing an entryway as a home office gives the opportunity of increasing entryway decoration. Industrial style emerged with the industrial chandelier.

Industrial hanging ornaments and large window trellis adorn this home office. Large wooden tables and paintings add drama to the entrance decorations.

A monochrome theme office home looks attractive with a monochrome photo gallery on the wall. A floating table attached to the wall with a round chair makes it feel industrial style.

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3. A Minimalist Home Office in a Living Room

Rearrange your furniture in the living room, especially the sofa. Then, place a desk behind your living room sofa to create a minimalist home office. Install cupboards and shelves to create wall storage. You will never go wrong with this design.

The home office in the living room is located in the center of the house, which keeps the work from flowing into the bedroom. The corner of the living room is the right place for this minimalist home office design.

Using artwork to visually separate the office from the rest of the living room is a great way. The floating shelves function to save your files and displaying your collection.

This neutral colored living room doubles as a comfortable home office. Laying the work table in front of the window makes abundant light when you work.

Minimalist work space in the corner of the living room allows you to use other rooms for other purposes.

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4. A Relaxing Home Office in a Bedroom

No one can resist the relaxing atmosphere of a bedroom. This spot is just the right place to have your home office. A narrow desk and simple chair increase its functionality without spending your bedroom space. Look for storage space? Find a desk with built-in storage such as drawers and shelves. 

A walk-in closet will be directed back in this bedroom into a home office space, creating some visual separation. Sliding doors will cover all your work privacy while you are working.

Consider adding overhead lights or table lamps to help with task lighting. They will help complete your work at night.

If you don’t have extra space in your home to dedicate to your home office, consider adding a desk in your room. The bay window is used to accommodate a mounted table so it doesn’t take up space in the bedroom.

Because it is located on the top floor, the bedroom as well as the home office offers an amazing view of the treetop. It gives a feeling of floating, and will bring lots of inspiration.

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You can hang family photographs or favorite work art on the wall to give your workspace a personalized touch. Lastly, accessorize the workspace with colorful pencil cups, paper trays, and magazine holders.  
Those simple home office design in small space ideas have proven to us that a home office mustn’t always be a self-contained space. So, what is your favorite design?

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