Your garage is easily one of the most underrated spaces in your house. It houses a lot of things you need on a rainy day, as well as various tools for your home and car. It is no surprise, then, that a lot of people don’t give a lot of attention to the garage, which is a pity because just like other spaces in your house, the garage door also needs maintenance, consider looking for services that can offer the best garage door repair. A badly-maintained garage or storage room is not only gross to look, it will also hinder you to find things inside.

One of the best ways to declutter your storage room is by using clever shelving tricks. Interested to find out shelves ideas for garage that you can apply to your garage? Read on.

1. Overhead storage idea packs more punch in a small space

This is easily one of the most trending shelves ideas for garage. As its name suggests, overhead storage is mounted from the ceiling. Not only it makes the items in your garage out of the way, it is also easier to access those items when needed. To build the overhead storage, you will need some plywood, spare screws, stud finder, cleats, and circular saw.

To save garage floor space, this overhead rack idea can be a solution. These shelves are ideal for items that are not too heavy and you don’t use too often.

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Transporting heavy items up and down stairs is no fun. This white iron overhead rack is strong enough to hold workshops tools or other items in your home.

You can hang the rack at whatever height you want depending on how much storage space is needed. The two surfboards are neatly stored in the garage without taking up much space.

Use a nail to place the beam on the ceiling to mount this overhead vertical storage support. Make sure it is strong and sturdy so that it can withstand all the burdens you bear.

You can make this overhead rack around the garage wall. They are able to adapt well even in the corner though.

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2. Industrial shelving plan looks cool and also cheap to build

When it comes to shelves ideas for garage, why not plan a do-it-yourself project to tackle on the weekend? It allows you to store more items on your garage, and also cheap to start. To make an industrial shelf, you need studs, screws, and oriented strand board which will cost you under $50. If possible, ask your local hardware store to cut your wood so you can start making the base frame.

Garage is often associated with a rather chaotic storage system and ultimately results in a big mess. Break all these assumptions with this industrial garage storage made of iron.

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Garage can be a parking lot and used equipment. Garage storage cabinets must be strong and sturdy containing all kinds of materials, such as this industrial rack of wood and aluminum.

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Garage storage cabinets that are made irregularly need more space than ordinary garage cabinets. This wooden industrial rack can be one of the cheap and easy garage storage ideas.

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This industrial pipe rack can be one way to reach modern and rural garages at once. These pipes need wood for a base or storage pad.

Many people decide to build their own industrial pipe rack to save costs. This cheap and easy storage can be very beneficial for your chaotic garage.

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3. Upcycled bleachers shelving plan can be done entirely by using old parts

Have some spare woods, screw, and wood glue in your garage? This project is perfect for you. The upcycled bleachers shelf will look and function great in almost any garage, and it is easy to build.

Making your own DIY shelf might seem like a daunting task but it can be easier than you think. You can use nearby items that are not used for this storage project.

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This DIY shelf is made of reclaimed wood from old doors that are not used. With a little skill, creating a neat and uniform appearance.

The extended rack integration to make horizontal storage is an addition that makes this unit more functional. Brooms, mops and other tools are neatly stored on this shelf.

This storage rack is a reclaimed scaffolding board for more functional purposes. This rack is strong enough to hold more goods.

You can use wooden pallets to make your garden tools storage rack. Just stick it on the wall and they are suitable for long items such as shovels.

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Have you found the perfect storage setup for your garage? Hopefully you find some inspirations from these shelves ideas for garage. Let us know.

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