When you look for wedding décor ideas rustic theme becomes one of the most favorite picks. The natural ambiance, the detailed ornaments and the floral arrangement are only a few of magnificent items you can have for your wedding decorations. Rustic outdoor wedding ideas can be inspirational while the indoor ones are also perfect, too. The key is to find harmony in combining rustic ornaments, nature details and unique touch to your display.

Enchant your celebration with our lists on best 5 rustic wedding décor ideas below! 

1. Elevated Lanterns

Antique lanterns can be brilliant inspiration for having rustic wedding party. Put them higher to radiate awesomeness in your classical rustic celebration. These elevated lanterns definitely adorn your ceiling décor with unexpected feeling of beauty that’ll make your rustic elegant wedding décor perfect and amazing.

When paired with delicate greenery, this vintage hanging lantern adds a cozy feel directly to the wedding reception tablescape.

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Hanging round chandeliers made from a collection of twigs and a few lanterns are hung to give color to the rustic wedding landscape. Wooden chairs complete the drama decoration perfectly.

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You can consider hanging decorations like bamboo lanterns for your big day. The beautiful flowers and greenery lift this rustic wedding party decoration.

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A lantern hung on a tree creates a perfect overhead display for this classic celebration. Photo gallery on display at the table displays the intimacy of a real partner.

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2. Rustic Wedding Backdrop and Ceremony Arch

A bigger rustic-themed view can be supported with rustic wedding backdrop and ceremony arch. You can have a wood-based backdrop which is adorned with flowers and green-brown leaves. The arch you’ll have can also occupy rustic floral arrangement upon linen cloth beautifying your wedding décor. 

To create the perfect rustic style, make a wedding arch with twigs and flowering plants. Add candles around to complete the decoration of your wedding ceremony.

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Wrapped in linen and decorated with flowers, simple wooden arbor is an elegant venue for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

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This rustic wooden wedding arch with white linen will enhance your wedding decor. The vines are used as decoration to make an interesting rustic drama.

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The flower curtains attached to the wedding arch form the perfect frame for sacred ceremonies. Wooden barrels with wreaths add to the rustic impression in their way.

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3. Rustic Floral Display and Arrangement

Flower is one of the key points of a rustic wedding décor’s success. Set rustic floral display around the tablescape, and bring the nature convenience to the celebration. The flowers can surely be put into glass bottles which are previously decorated with lace and rustic rope. The floral arrangement can also be prettier to be put on the set for making your party more alive and vivid.

The centerpiece of this wreath has been seen more than just a highlight. People start branching off and dreaming of unique rustic wedding ideas with their table centerpiece decoration.

These gold-painted leaves give a new color to the rustic wedding decorations as a finishing touch. While the flowers give a touch of charming rural softness.

This chic centerpiece decoration is suitable for anyone who wants a rustic feel. Flowers, broken logs and candles collaborate in improving the appearance of the wedding desk.

If you have a long banquet table, make a unique centerpiece with this copper compote arrangement. Add some flowers and greenery for a finished look.

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4. Rustic Bridal Bouquet

Rustic-Themed wedding décor cannot be completed without rustic bridal bouquet. A customized bridal flower bouquet can surely be arranged by putting rustic touch on it. While regular bridal bouquet is arranged full of roses, you can still occupy ones if you want to. The rustic bridal bouquet can be beautified with leaves and twigs together on your bouquet that’ll bring charm to your performance, too.

When it comes to traditional elements of marriage, there are ways to give your personal touch with this beautiful rustic bridal bouquet.

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Flowers are the perfect way to showcase your concepts to friends and family. This rustic bridal bouquet with white roses will perfect your wedding party.

White is probably the most suitable symbol of the countryside. Use flowers with white colors to make your own rustic bridal bouquet.

If you are planning a more elegant wedding, you have many choices available to suit your needs such as a rustic bridal bouquet with a burgundy appearance.

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It is amazing how wedding décor ideas rustic-themed inspiration can wonderfully make your wedding day. Get inspired and happy wedding!

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