Bedroom door painting cannot be more fun to do for making your weekend productive. It is amazing how changing the appearance of your bedroom could surprisingly make a huge difference for your space look. You can simply hire a painter or do it yourself. All you need to do is making sure that you know what you want and everything you’ll need for its upgrades is all on your hands.

Get inspired with our recommendation below about 4 awesome ideas for bedroom door painting.

1. Pick Your Unique Color

White is not always the option. You can choose another color to invite a new ambiance into your space. Light grey, light blue, turquoise or onyx black can be your alternatives. If you plan to repaint all the walls at your home, it is recommended to paint your door last. Picking more than one color or drawing patterns on your door can be much fun to do, yet painting it in one basic color is still favorable by many people. Make sure you find the best color you like and get a perfect makeover for your space.

If you paint your door white and have a white border around it, using the same paint color and finish as the trim is a good way.

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Gray is a neutral color that can get along well with any color. This gray bedroom door matches the color of the white walls and the color of the wood on the floor.

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If you are bored with the color of one tone, use dual tone to look charming bedroom doors. The bright blue and lime green in this diagonal door give an instant fresh impression.

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2. Clean Before Painting

You can sand and prime before you paint your door if the previous paint is occupied with latex materials, or you can also simply clean it with soap and water to wash all dirt away. When you finish the cleaning, make sure you mask off the knobs, the plates and the lock mechanism with rubber cement or a painter’s tape to avoid being painted. Clean these items later after you finish do your bedroom door painting.

Before painting the bedroom door, you need to clean the surface of your door. Prepare equipment such as gloves, soap, cloth, etc.

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First wash your bedroom door with soap and water until there is absolutely no dust.

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Rub with a cloth or towel to clean the dirt on the surface of the door. Because the paint will not stick perfectly if the surface of your door is not clean.

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Use putty or the like to cover uneven surfaces or holes in your bedroom door. If necessary, rub with sandpaper to get more satisfying results.

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3. Keep It on Its Hinges 

Maintaining the door in the frame while painting effortlessly saves your time and avoids troublesome putting on and off the hinges. Keeping your door on its hinges will allow you to paint both sides together without waiting for some time after painting to get dry. You can also either paint the top and bottom edges of the door to save time or not. Feel free to do experiments on how to paint a new door!

To facilitate you in terms of energy and practicality, there is no need to remove the door to complete the painting process. Which of course will make you work many times with a long process if you have to let go.

Use this simple masking tape to cover parts that won’t be painted like door hinges.

Just glue and shape the pattern through the groove with the cutter. Double check that your tape is sticking properly.

Also, make sure the parts of the hinge are completely closed using tape. If not, you will need to do a rework to remove the paint from the parts that are not actually painted.

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4. Grab Your Roller

A roller can be pretty much helpful and how to paint a door with a roller is surprisingly easy and fun. After preparing your paint and a place where it meets the roller, grab your roller and paint like a pro. A foam roller is perfect for a plain and flat surface. Some recommend to paint the center panels first, then you can go to the outer panels. 

The roller will help the process of painting your bedroom door quickly and efficiently.

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With a foam roller, scroll to the center of the door first. Because the middle of the door is wide, it will create a feeling like it feels faster.

Image source

After the center of the door is even, roll your roller to the side to the corner of the door.

Image source

Because the roller will not fully reach the difficult parts of the corners of door, you need a small brush to finish painting your bedroom door.

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Hopefully, those awesome ideas for bedroom door painting will get you inspired. Happy painting!

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