Buying a small RV does not mean you cannot maximize its interior. RV modification ideas don’t need to be expensive. You can do simple things like adding smart storage spaces or replacing the bed frames. Here are several great ideas you can execute easily to maximize the RV space.

1. Install Mattress Caddy Bags

Mattress caddy bags are storage pouches that you can attach to the bedside. They consist of several compartments, perfect for replacing a dresser or nightstand. There are many models you can find online; some of them have vertical slits to dispense tissue sheets.

This shoe storage RV rack is mounted beside the bed and has 6 bags that hold up to 6 pairs of shoes.

These mattress caddy bags really come back to get additional units so you can store more shoes on the other side of the bed in your RV.

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Made of high quality canvas and with grommets along the top of the canvas, you will have no trouble keeping mattress caddy bags in place with a few screws.

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2. Mounting Systems for Everything

Mounting systems can improve convenience in a small RV room. You can install them to mount a tablet, phone, or speaker. Wall mounting system saves precious spaces on the table or floor. You can also install mounting systems near the TV to store remote controls.

Spaces that you don’t use on your camper can become a storage area for strange things when you install storage nets mounted on this wall.

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To make you not confused in terms of remote control, attach the remote hangers to hang the TV remote, air conditioner, and others.

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To save floor space in your RV that is limited, install the TV attached to the wall so you can maximize space with other furniture that is more important.

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3. Slip Storage Structures under the Bed

Replace the bed frames in your RV with a storage structure, such as a bed mounter with drawers. You can buy the storage space that can be assembled from scratch to enter the vehicle easily, like the one from IKEA. Bring the product into the RV and assemble it inside.

The trick to getting the most out of your small RV room is with the idea of ​​storage under the bed. This storage is big enough so you can store lots of things.

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Another unexpected storage appears under a wide sofa and enough for adults to sleep comfortably.

Beds that have a platform that can be lifted using a hydraulic elevator can be a solution for extra storage space in your small RV.

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4. Buy a Sink-fit Drainer Rack

If you cannot find enough place for plates in the RV small space, use the drainer rack. Buy the model that you can fit on top of the sink. This drainer rack can be pulled easily with one snap. Fit the newly washed dishes on the rack and place it on the sink. You will get extra space next to the sink.

To overcome the kitchen mess in your RV, this drainage rack can be relied on to temporarily store kitchen utensils that have been washed.

This drainage rack is flexible and can be placed in the narrow corner of your RV kitchen.

This simple drainage rack will make it easier for you to dry the dishes, cups and spoons after you wash them.

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5. Install Drawers under the Table

You can find mini drawers that can be installed under the table online. Install these drawers to store pens, cash, keys, and other small but important objects. You don’t need to bring additional boxes or bags to store small objects with these drawers.

The drawer under this table is an easy place to store small things that we don’t want to get rid of. They in no way affect the way the dining table works.

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Installing drawers under the table can be used to store objects such as pens, sticky paper, sticky tape, scissors, flashlights, etc.

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These RV modification ideas are simple but can save so much space. Try using them in your small RV and see how much easier your trip in it.

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