Living in an RV means dealing with some problems. Extra space in a house can be easily achieved by renovation. However, the space in RV cannot be upgraded.

When staying in a house, we don’t have to worry about things falling apart because the house doesn’t move around. While in RV, things can fall all over if not properly stored. However, those challenges should not be a reason to cancel RVing. We offer you five RV hack ideas to help you manage your RV without spending much money.

1. Suction Cup Hooks

Horizontal space in an RV is limited, especially for storage. Yet, we still need a place for our keys, coat, and even our jewelry. Why not maximize vertical space? Stock some suction cup hooks to help you use the vertical space. Press the suction cup to the wall, and hang your keys, towel, and jewelry.

Suction cup hooks will help storage in the decoration of your RV. You just need to stick it on the wall, besides being easy and practical, this storage also offers an easy RV hacking idea.

Suction cup hooks are one of the must-have storage items in your RV decoration, because this storage is enough to help you maximize the use of vertical space.

Suction cup hooks are cheap and easy to find storage in building stores. This hook can be used to hang the napkin so it does not easily fall to the floor.

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So that your accessories don’t fall while in the RV, suction cup hooks are the best storage solution you should try because of this idea without spending a lot of space and money.

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2. Stackable Bowl Set

Purchase a stackable bowl set to help to organize your dishes. By having this set, you don’t have to install rack dishes. Simply put one bowl on top of another and store it on the shelves. Sometimes coming in one set, you can have coriander, so you don’t need to spend more money to buy it.

Anticipating cost savings for RV decorating equipment, you can start by buying a stackable set of bowls. With this, you no longer need to buy a dish rack.

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To get optimal results, you should buy a stackable set of bowls to apply the racking system to your RV.

If you need a container while in the RV, you should buy a bowl set that can be stacked. This is an easy way to save costs because you need a back plate rack. For now you can simply stack bowls from the largest to the smallest sizes.

Choose cutlery sets that can be stacked up, it aims to add a minimalist and creative impression in RV decor. With this you don’t need to spend a lot of space to buy it.

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3. Magazine Organizer

Storing cans, aluminium foil roll or cling wrap roll can be challenging if you live in RV. They can easily fall and roll during the trip. To avoid this, one of the simplest RV hack ideas is to put them in magazine organizer. The organizer will prevent them from falling and rolling all over the place.

The idea of hacking an RV that needs to be tried to use a magazine organizer is to keep a bottle in this place. With this magazine organizer can function functionally.

This RV hacking idea looks simple but is very useful when trying it on your RV decor, this storage also avoids the item from falling and rolling everywhere.

So that food supplies in the RV do not easily fall and roll, magazine organizers are the best solution to try. Besides being cheap and simple, this storage also challenges you to live in an RV.

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You can use the side cabinet with extra storage in your RV. You only need the organizer of the magazine that is made of iron material to be more sturdy and durable.

The organizer of the magazine is the best storage so that aluminum foil does not fall easily when traveling. Besides that, magazine organizer is also easy to find anywhere.

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4. Bungee Cords and Tension Rods

Unlike the house, things in an RV can easily move during the trip. Make sure you always have bungee cords to secure them in place. Things like garbage bin and racks need to be secured firmly, and bungee cords will help you with that. For things in shelves, you can help them in place by vertically placing tension rods to avoid falling.

Garbage bins laced with bungee cords aim not to spill and move during the trip. For this reason, the trash must be secured securely.

In addition to trash cans, hanging racks also need bungee straps to secure them from falling off and causing breakage. Tie the bungee strap firmly around your wooden hanging rack.

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Unlike the bungee rope, the tension rod also needs to be had when you travel because it can place the goods on the shelf safely vertically.

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The tension rod applied to the cabinet rack helps to place items vertically so that they do not easily fall and roll where.

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5. Anti-Moisture Packets

Moisture can create molds and smell, especially in an RV for it has minimum airing system. Avoid this by placing anti-moisture packets in your drawer, shelves, and cabinet. You can buy these packets or collect them from food or shoes that you buy.

To avoid moisture inside the RV room, you can use several anti-humidity packages placed in a storage drawer or cabinet rack.

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So as not to get bored when looking at it, you can replace the outer package of anti-moisture package with a floral fabric. In this way the room will look more beautiful and creative.

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You can find anti-moisture packages in food packaging and in the cardboard shoes you buy. Place it in several RV rooms evenly, like in a cabinet rack.

Apart from inside the cabinet and storage rack, this anti-moisture package can also be placed inside a plastic containing a gadget. You can get it by buying or finding it in food packaging and cardboard shoes that you buy.

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Solve all of your problems by applying our RV hack ideas and get ready for your adventure!

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