The insufficient lighting, molds, and outdated fixtures in your bathroom are enough leading you to decide that you want to make essential changes to improve its look and functionality. However, you often don’t know where to start.

You are afraid that you will spend a pretty penny for something that does not add values to your bathroom. Therefore, we suggest the following bathroom remodel ideas that’ll help you make your ideal bathroom come true.

1. Walk-in Shower, Pebble Tiles, and Window

Nowadays, where most of us are busy with limited spare time, a bath is something that is becoming more irrelevant. Unless you have children and a bath is an activity you will regularly do, adding a bathtub will only be a waste of space. A walk-in shower concept with a textured floor to prevent yourself from falling will do you good.

Speaking of the textured floor, pebble tiles are a good option as they are water-resistant and look wonderful. Furthermore, installing ventilation is a necessary element to address the humidity issue inside the shower. A bathroom fan will indeed do the job, but the best ventilation is always the natural one.

For simple bathroom design, apply a walk-in shower is a good idea to make your time more efficient. To get an aesthetic look, use pebble floors to avoid falling down when you bathing.

Placing the walk-in shower near the window is a good way to prevent humidity. And using pebble tiles is a good idea to make your bathroom looks aesthetic.

If you want to make a walk-in shower in your bathroom, don’t forget to add a window. This window is very useful to make the sunlight enter easily to your bathroom. For more beautiful, use pebble tiles for the floor ideas.

It’s very easy to make your bathroom looks beautiful. Use pebble tiles for the floor and black tiles for the walls. It can make your bathroom looks minimalist and suitable for the modern style.

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The right idea for those of you who have a tight time in the morning is getting a quick bath. To make it happen you can build a walk-in shower. But if you want an aesthetic look, you can use pebbles floors for your bathroom remodel idea.

A walk-in shower will help you to get a quick bath in the rush time. Try to remodel your bathroom with this idea. And don’t forget to use pebble tiles to make your bathroom looks aesthetic.

Try to remodel your bathroom by building a walk-in shower is a good idea to efficient your time. But you have to consider the design that can make your bathroom looks elegant and aesthetic. For example, you can use pebble tiles for the flooring idea. On the other hand, this kind of tile can help you not to slip while bathing.

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2. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are versatile in terms of its suitability for any bathroom style. It is good for decorative purposes and at the same time delivers a good illumination. Opt for bulbs that are energy efficient with “soft white” temperature (2700K – 3000K) and “color rendering index” or CRI of 80+ as these will deliver the closest approximation of natural sunlight.

Choosing the right lighting fixture in the bathroom is a good idea to make your bathroom looks bright and beautiful at the same time. You can choose the lamps according to the style of your bathroom. For example, you can choose a classic chandelier to get a matching look with your bathroom style.

The white pendant lamps can be your choice to complete your white bathroom color scheme. It can make your bathroom looks more beautiful.

For your modern farmhouse bathroom design idea, the classic chandelier can be the best choice. Install above your bath up and you will be relaxed bathing in the night.

A simple round pendant lamp is suitable for your attractive bathroom design. Combined with abstract wallpaper and marble tiles, this pendant lamp can be decorative at the same time.

Using bulbs for your bathroom lighting is a good idea for your bathroom remodel. Because this lamp is cheap so that it wouldn’t spend much of your budget.

A big round chandelier can make your bathroom looks stunning and interesting. Besides, it can give lighting in your bathroom, it’s also can be a focal point in your bathroom.

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If you like a simple lighting fixture in your bathroom, you can use a scone lamp and install it above your bathroom vanity. It can help you to dress up after taking a bath.

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3. Dual-Flush Toilet

Another essential in the bathroom remodel idea is a toilet. When it comes to the toilet, a dual-flush toilet offers you so many advantages. Not only does it come in different sizes and shapes that will suit your bathroom theme, but it is also very economical too.

You might be surprised to know that a dual-flush toilet can save you up from 20 to 60 percent of water. It is good news for your water utility bills. No more breaking the bank for water usage!

The other thing that must be considered when remodeling the bathroom is the budget. To save your money, you have to choose the bathroom appliances that can’t make you spend much cost every month. For example, you can choose a dual-flush toilet that can save water usage.

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A dual-flush toilet is can be your choice for your bathroom remodel idea. This toilet is suitable for your small bathroom and very economical.

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For your small bathroom, a dual-flush toilet can be your choice to be applied. Besides, the shape is slim and not take up to much space, this toilet has a good economical side. It can save water usage so that you will not spend much cost to pay the bill.

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Are you looking for a suitable toilet for your small bathroom? You can pick a dual-flush toilet. Besides, it has a slim shape, it’s also can save you money. Because of this toilet can save water usage, so it doesn’t waste the water.

Use the dual-flush toilet for your small bathroom remodel. It is suitable for tight bathroom space. And it also has a good economical side at the same time.

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If you have a plan to remodel your bathroom, better for you to choose the bathroom appliances that can save your money. Such as using a dual-flush toilet. Besides, it’s suitable for any kind style of bathroom, it’s also has a good performance to save water usage. So that you will spend much cost to pay the bill every month.

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Now grab your draw paper and sketch the outline of your bathroom and let us know how you would do your bathroom remodel.

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