The color gold is often associated with glamour and elegance. So how do you bring that vibe into your home? Let’s take a look at five interior design ideas to create an elegant look with a gold touch.

Make sure you are prepared because these looks are beautifully captivating for your home décor ideas.

Gold Stairs Railing

Magically turn your decent-looking stairs into an elegant and glamorous looking stairs by adding golden touches to the railings.

If you opt for a mysterious and expensive vibe, pair it with a dark and contrasting backdrop like black. If you want a chic, minimalistic, yet elegant look, pair the gold stairs railing with white.

The dramatic shape of the stairs and the selection of brass material for luxurious gold accents, make the house with these dark shades look so majestic.

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Minimalist gold railing stairs to the second floor of this house looks very charming. The unique blue chandelier adds drama to the decor of this house.

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Gold furniture can lift the look of any room including the entrance area of ​​this house. Golden staircase railing with transparent acrylic runs along the stairs which creates the impression of luxury.

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This simple staircase can look luxurious with gold accents on the railing. Wooden accents complete this classic look perfectly.

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This French-style house rich in the art uses stairs by combining gold and black. Other works of art appear with an artistic sculpture right next to the stairs.

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Gold Antiques

Adding gold antiques to your house décor might as well captivate those who visit you. With these decorations, your house will look like an art gallery, especially when combined in balance with white and black.

The key here is to not overdo it. Simply add gold touches where it belongs. The remaining space must be open and of neutral colors.

This medieval-style reading corner has a charming view of the decor. Antique mirrors collaborate with gold accents on some furniture to make this room pleasant.
This room adopts a modern classical style in some of its decorations. The gold coffee table is the main decoration that really stands out.
This antique gold floor lamp is a timeless art in modern home designs. In addition to lifting the look, this furniture is able to provide light for your house’s reading angle.

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The combination of antique bed frames and rugs that attract the eye and bed cover design, gives beautiful and desirable furniture that will be your main bedroom choice.
This bedroom design uses a mixture of gold and bronze colors with luxurious and antique flowing features as a feature on the main bed.

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Gold Wallpapers

To add subtle gold touches through wallpapers, make sure the gold is sparsely added.

If you opt for a full-on golden wallpaper, your room will look distracting and ruined. So instead, choose a complementary wallpaper with subtle golden hints like leaves. This will catch lights and bounce it in an elegant manner.

This modern bathroom uses classic bathroom design elements and adds a lot of fun with gold-patterned wallpapers.
Give your bathroom a bold look with gold geometric patterns. This private space is very lively with an almost monochrome color scheme.

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Patterned wallpaper with gold color can even enter a more neutral space like in this dining room. Bright blue tones on carpets and dining chairs were added to give a bright spark that was previously moody.

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This elegant and sweet family room uses neutral colors that are soft and white. Elegant gold benches and wallpapers give a touch of luxury to the decorating look.

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The echo of gold tones on the wallpaper and the chandelier in the bedroom is able to unite the display well.

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Gold Pendant Lighting

You can reserve to create an elegant look with gold touch in your dining area. With white walls and dining chairs, complete the look with a golden mid-century pendant light across the dining table.

Aside from adding elegance, this look will also open up the space because it shows the ceiling height.

The golden tone represented by pendant lights and some other kitchen furniture creates a slightly classic effect to dampen the look of a modern kitchen.

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Bathroom lighting can add a soft and soothing sparkle. The dim light source from this gold pendant lamp complements the luxurious bathroom decor with the dominance of the gold color.
The combination of geometric shapes in this modern bathroom decor gives an amazing look. Collaboration in gold and black colors adds to the appearance of luxury in the right way.

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Gold pendant lights hung from the ceiling with functional table lamps in matching colors provide the perfect balance between form and function in this elegant modern bedroom.
An attractive gold pendant offers the right amount of light for this bedroom. You can also enjoy lots of natural sunlight thanks to the large sliding glass door that fills the wall.

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Gold Room Partition

Choosing a room divider takes creativity and consumes energy. To most people, choosing an elegant looking partition with gold touch isn’t on their shortlist.

For you, however, we’ll make it happen. Simply connect the ceiling to the floor with stand-alone golden partitions, and there you have it: an elegant gold room partition.

This spacious room with neutral color gets a touch of luxury with gold partitions on both sides of the room. Wall decorations in a similar tone reinforce the look with luxury.

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Gold and pink tones collaborate to create an elegant look into this living room. Partitions with beautiful motifs divide the room while lifting the look of the room.
This modern white living room looks very beautiful with a tinge of thick gold and blue. This beautiful partition is able to do its job well.
This hexagonal pattern with gold color dividing the room creates a dramatic appearance throughout the room. The collaboration of thick blue walls and sofas reinforces the look of this house’s character.
This spacious living room combines a bohemian style and a few Chinese elements that make this house look stylish and very inviting.

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Those were interior design ideas to create an elegant look with a gold touch to your house. We hope this article helped you in finding inspiration to decorate and beautify your living space with an elegant touch.

Remember, don’t overdo gold.

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