The main design features of Mid-Century décor are practicality, clean lines, and a little natural element, making it ideal for a small house. However, limited space can easily make your interior look boring. Understand the tricks to create a Mid-Century design by utilizing the small space.

1. Mix and Match the Chairs

Don’t force yourself to get a large sofa set with matching armchairs. You can buy a couple of sofa with Mid-Century design, and pair it with several individual chairs. Create an eclectic look by pairing different chairs in a room. Mid-Century furniture usually has clean lines and no-fuss details, so they are perfect for a small house.

Bring the vibrant color of this sofa to the mid-century living room. Get the mix and match with the rattan chair. As a result, the beauty of decoration creates a pop of color scheme.
Create a modern touch of decoration by this elegant individual chair. The mixing of the different sofa in this mid-century living room makes the best decoration, as a result.
Have a good idea to mix the color of the sofa? try this decoration. The saturated blue and the saturated green blend perfectly with the simple element.
Give two individual chairs to make an extra seat in this living room. Moreover, the different material element gives the mix and match the decoration.

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All the furniture has a shape of bold statement in this all-white base wall. Especially, the mixing of the variety of seat in this living room. It gives the best mid-century look.
Three different chairs in this room give you a aesthetic-look mid-century living room. Obviously, you can pick another material design to make this room more inviting.
By putting one different chair in this living room, you can see the leader. Who those these white chairs for. Besides the mixing decoration, of course, this your private chairs.

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2. Jazz Up the Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are practical features, so you can jazz them up to crank up the decorative elements without cramping the space. Choose lighting fixtures with unique designs that reflect the booming post-war era, like Sputnik chandelier, Danish lamp, or globe chandelier.

These blue pendants lights are another example of modernist, space-age inspired decor. In this kitchen by a Homepolish designer, the fixtures punch up the white room with pops of blue.
Schoolhouse-inspired mid-century flush mount. Flush mount lighting can be just as spectacular as pendant lighting. The schoolhouse fixture with navy blue stripes lends a pop of whimsy to this white, farmhouse-inspired kitchen.
These gold Plaza chandeliers are brimming with Mad Men-inspired style. The black ceiling in this dining room makes the fixtures standout. All have a bit of gold, which helps to unify the room’s color scheme.
A classic sputnik chandelier. Besides the iconic kidney-shaped coffee table, no other object sums up mid-century modern style like the Sputnik chandelier. Its gold-tone not only pops against the moody blue wallpaper, but it also harmonizes with the wood and leather furniture.
Lighten up brown Mid-century modern furniture. While mid-century modern decor can be colorful, most classic pieces are brown with black or gold accents. The matching white table lamps lend a mod touch that softens the look of dark furnishings.
Iconic lighting never goes out of style. Decorating trends come and go, but to be honest, mid-century modern decor, specifically lighting inspired by this iconic era, is here to stay—forever.

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Beautiful chandelier in this modern mid-century room. The white accent on the chandelier gives a harmonious blend with the decoration, as a result.

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3. Bring Outdoor Visual Inside

Mid-Century décor brings in natural elements to the room, which you can interpret as having large windows. If you have a garden or live surrounded by beautiful landscape (even urban landscape), install large windows to bring the visual in. You can also get a lot of fresh air and natural light.

Imagine mid-century modern away on holiday. Use shades of white, turquoise, and gold beside an artificial Areca palm to create an everyday getaway. Stretch a Jute rug beneath your couches to add a dash more color, and tie metallic end tables.
Create the look with different materials and textures. To design an eclectic, yet not overpowering, living room. Coat your seating brown in leather Barcelona-style chairs, mid-century modern classic chair. Also, a blue metal accent chair in the Platner style.
The mid-century look can look super-modern – although its pieces have never changed. Make like this sloped-roof living room and use a couple of masterpieces. Such as the Verner Panton S-style chair and Ray Eames elephant.
Grey and orange couldn’t look more different in this open plan rendition. Break color dominance in your living room with two berry chairs and the Noguchi glass coffee table. We recommend a simple grey rug and shelved ornaments to finish.
Keep it warm yet light with wood and orange tones. Carve a wooden roof with rafters over a stark white floor, diffusing your bright orange wall with a rug in brown checkers. Opt for an Eames lounge chair, to tie your TV and orange hues together.
Make the most of a beautiful outdoor view, with a few mid-century modern pieces. Wind a cream L-sofa beside a unique end table. Here the iconic Platner side table, whose oscillating bands reflect the midday sun, as a result.

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Excellent mid-century dining room with a huge sliding door glass. It provides airy and open-view outside. Moreover, the dining room can be brighter.

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A cream color palette is a classic form of incorporating mid-century décor. Its simple, chic, and trendy all while being elegant. This works well in a small living room area because it helps with the idea of making space appear larger.

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4. Install Mirrors on Walls

Mirrors are popular decorations for Mid-Century designs. They are sleek, modern, and can make a small room look bigger. You can install large framed mirrors on strategic spots or even floor-to-ceiling mirror panels as accents. Mid-Century décor is not limited to large houses. Make your small house more interesting by applying this unique modern style.

Awesome diamond mirror on the wall. To create an awesome look with the aesthetic mirror this idea would be perfect. Not only bring simplicity but also gives you an awesome wall decoration.
Mirror on the wall above the fireplace is definitely a beautiful artwork. Because of the different shape from the usual, this add a touch of art. Moreover, in this mid-century living room.
Leaves-shape mirror filled this silky white wall. The minimalist decoration just by the mirror makes this room awesome-look, as a result.
Instead of the bold color picker of this living room. The whole of furniture can play perfectly. Especially, the mirror decoration on the navy wall.
Unique mirror wall decoration in this living room makes the room look more awesome. Not only gives the decoration on the wall but also create a beauty reflection.
Hexagonal mirror. Look like the beehive decorate this wall. To make artwork perfectly with the simple mirror but gives a maximal beauty, as a result.
In fact, this awesome mirror provides the focal decoration. Moreover, it blends perfectly with the light below the mirror. It makes the wall has a gorgeous decoration, as a result.

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