After a bedroom, the second area of the house you sure wish to make it the most comfortable it can be is, of course, a bathroom. This private sanctuary is the very place to start your days and end your activities as you clean up before heading to bunk. To feel fresh and clean, creating a neat and organized place is significant. 

With these five brilliant ideas for simple bathroom storage, you can stylishly maximize your wall. Utilizing walls is perfect for a small shower room.

Ladder Shelving

Instead of racking horizontally, it is better to do it vertically. Ladder shelving can give you a cool and unique one. Select a deeper-base ladder and a little depth at the top. You can store your towels at the bottom and other smaller toiletries on top.

This black ladder rack offers a cool visual contrast in your modern bathroom.
Combining modern minimalism with space-conscious forms, the ladder towel rack can also be mounted on the wall to save valuable leg room in a small bathroom.
Using a ladder rack is an interesting bathroom storage idea. Lean on the ladder on the wall and you can start to arrange the items according to the size. For example, you can place your towels on the bottom and on the top for the ornaments space.
The simple storage idea for the bathroom is using a ladder. You can buy, repurpose or make it by yourself. This ladder is very useful to store your toiletries and make your bathroom looks neat.

Over-the-Door Shelf

When it comes to the wall, most of you might forget this unspotted point. Utilizing this small area to rack your rolled towels is a great stockpile solution. Go as high as you want with the over-the-door shelf. Place also a stool as a step ladder. 

Perfect for small urban apartment bathroom storage ideas, hidden above the door shelf can help you store items you don’t need to use every day.
This shelf positioned above the door takes up no additional space, if not barely noticeable, but offers a fantastic bathroom storage solution.
The concept of a bathroom storage that maximizes space. By utilizing the space above the door and in the form of a shelf and it can be used to store your towels.
If you just have a small bathroom, having smart storage is a must. You can take advantage of the space above the door to build an open shelf. Store your toilet paper and towels on there so that you get a neat look.

Rod and Hooks

Rod and s-hooks combo is simple bathroom storage that you can even install by yourself. Combine the s-hooks with plastic dollar store bins for smaller objects. You can set these two next to your tub or beside your vanity. You can also employ the hooks directly for your loofah or shower puff. 

Providing a more practical concept and not too disturbing the appearance of the bathroom. This hook serves as a storage area for towels that have been used.
By using stainless hooks for bathroom storage ideas, it is a lightweight and simple concept. But it is useful to hang your small thing in the bathroom.

Magnetic Strips

Bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers, blackhead pickers, and little scissors potentially give you a headache when you forget where you put one of them. Since made of steel is one thing they have in common, sticking them together in a magnetic strip can solve your problem.

If you rarely forget with your small thing in the bathroom, you can use magnetic strip to stick them. Attach the magnetic strip on the wall to make it easy to reach.
Bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers, blackhead pickers, and small scissors will be better stored in a magnetic strip. Stainless material can be integrated into the magnetic. Apart from that, your toiletries will remain safe.

Secret Shelves

Racking your belongings openly can give an eyesore when you are not doing it smartly and stylishly. But if you put your hands up for that one, these secret shelves are what you need. Hide your bath supplies on hidden storage behind mirrors, wall art, or even curtain.

If you want to have a bathroom with space-saving storage, you can see the picture above. Using secret storage under the bathtub is a brilliant idea.
Simple yet modish bathroom decorating ideas with storage. Namely by using a touch of drawer-shaped cabinet shelf accents. The closed concept will not spoil the bathroom.

Making your bathroom neat, fresh, and clean is necessary because it is the place where you wash and tidy up. While many caches are there to offer, utilizing a wall is a smart way to do. With the above simple bathroom storage ideas, create the tidiest space in your house.

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