Bathrooms have a huge impact on guests, as they would want to discern the design, space allocation, and cleanliness of your bathroom. The functional and simple bathroom might save you the cost, but it can be a good idea to explore the possibilities of orthodox bathroom designs that are pleasing to the eye. Bathroom applying the elements of nature can bring a sense of spaciousness with minimal space allocation, and such natural design can be addressed to the rustic themed bathroom.

General Idea of Rustic Bathroom

The idea of the rustic bathroom can create a mixed perception of the listener, but it is very viable. Recent past bathrooms were made of stone, wood, and plant parts (albeit being rare in usage). We are fortunate that we could choose a lot of leeway for our ideas. If one would like stone materials over wood, then so be it. However, it is not a strange thing to have both incorporated within the same space in rustic bathroom design.

Rough beam cornice box for shower curtains. Simple, white bathrooms beg for rustic elements. This rough piece of weathered lumber acts as a box cornice for white lace curtains.
Slate mosaic accent wall. A stone sink basin adds some contrast while the long. Soft lights on either side of the mirror keep things warm and cozy. Rich dusty rose-red walls create a relaxing atmosphere where you would enjoy taking a warm bath in style and comfort.
Stone lodge bathroom featuring a camo-edged mirror. This bathroom uses the natural color of the stone and woodwork to combine several different materials in this rustic bathroom design. A warm, rich wood ceiling with exposed beams and cream-colored paint keeps the room warm and fresh.
Rustic bathroom décor with concrete sinks and barn door. The walls are painted a warm, creamy color that prevents the room from feeling like a dungeon. It complements the dark colors of the stained wood plank floors, wood cabinets, and wood on the ceiling.

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The most rustic of our examples where straight perfect lines have no place. This simple wooden accent on the white wall gives you a rustic element to be exposed.
Old wood shouldn’t always be re-purposed, its beauty never fades. This floating shelf and the sink bench gives you proof to keep the old wood still stunning, obviously.
Really made the cement work. This cement sink works properly with simple square weathered wooden. Moreover, the exposed cement wall clearly blends with this decoration.
Sometimes textures and materials is all you need. For example, this rustic style bathroom combined with a stone wall and wooden sink board creates many textures.

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Filled the wall with a stone element. Not only that but also creates the sink’s feet with a stone, as well. It blends with other decoration to provide a rustic-style.
Wall to ceiling wooden board covers the bathroom. This gives you a common element to create a rustic touch of decoration in this bathroom.

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Materials and Colors of Wall

We could have a stoned wall and wooden sink, along with wooden shelves and wooden framed mirror. The presence of fake plantation in the rustic themed bathroom can be a good filler for the bathroom, giving natural touch in the overall design. The color of the plants can be adjusted with the selection of the wall material. As the dominant presence in the bathroom, either stone, brick, or wood material commonly used in rustic designs can give different charm and warmth. Brownish toned wall color can benefit from the darker green plantation, while grayish toned wall color will suit lighter green plantation with some flower decorations.

Choose a clear unfinished brick wall to create a texture in this rustic bathroom. Moreover, this brick wall can give you a warm color accent over the light.
Make your own ancient times by building a stone wall in the artistic bathroom. This can be a bold statement on this bathroom decoration, as well.
Combined white painted brick wall with a block of concrete on one side wall. It creates monochromatic design while the plants give a natural sensation.
Full of concrete with a little brick wall accent behind the toilet. The gray color from the concrete wall gives the neutral look that calming this rustic bathroom.
Natural touch should be a green plant on the wall, for example. Such as shown in this picture, the hallway to the bathroom you’ll find a vertical garden on the side of the wall.
Black color scheme in this wall gives you a masculine touch in this rustic-style bathroom. The wood accent giving a perfect idea to create some decorative look.
Light wood ceiling blends with a wooden floor as well. It creates a natural element while the floating wooden board in the sink be a bold statement.
Don’t be afraid to expose the unfinished wall decoration such as in this picture. You’ll see the brick adds a rustic touch in the white color dominant.

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Pile of the stone can be a rustic wall in this bathroom. Moreover, it supports a wooden board ceiling with a beam. The perfect rustic bathroom, as a result.

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The idea of Separate Section

To create the disparity between the materials (either stone, brick, or wood) within the bathroom, it can be a good idea to create a separate section of the dry area where the residents can change their clothes or put their belongings. The dry area can be furnished with chandelier for antique touch, straw baskets for the clothes, and even bamboo ornaments to enhance the natural feeling.

The wood will be work properly when you didn’t make it in the shower. Such as shown in this picture, you’ll see the metal separate the room for the shower and for the vanity room.
Metal bathtub in this rustic bathroom can shown a harmoniously decoration with a wooden accent. Especially, in the ceiling of this bathroom, it features a wood beam.
Exposed the wooden beam foundation that separates the shower room. This rustic style bathroom can be done perfectly just by a wood beam, and a stone underneath.
Concrete on the shower room to build a solid space. Instead of wasting your bathroom decoration with a tile. This simple and rustic concrete shower room can be an opt to create separate space.
A different object can be a plus decoration. Such as this rustic bathroom decoration, the wooden backsplash tile on the shower room makes a stunning look. It also separated by the glass divider.
Makes some separate room with clear glass and a rustic wooden door. Especially, in this bathroom, you’ll find a more separate space to make them neatly and organized.
Build a glass divider in the shower room can be a good option. It not only separates between the vanity and the shower room with a clearly look, as well.
A cozy rustic meets contemporary bathroom with a large vanity, a whitewashed wooden floor, and a round mirror. This separates nicely all over the need in this bathroom.

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To make your bathroom look neat and awesome. This glass divider can create a separate space between the shower room and the powder room with no blinds.

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The rustic bathroom offers many options to combine with, and it goes along with the preference of the house owner.

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