The romance isn’t only for lovers or spouses. Everyone must secretly dream of a bedroom design out of favorite plays, films, or novels. People might want to reduplicate Kathleen Kelly’s room in You’ve Got Mail 1998, or Rose’s first-class bedroom in Titanic 1997 film. Well, it’s not surprising because those two bedrooms have successfully radiated romantic vibes to the viewers.

If you are interested in creating your own romantic bedroom, these four ideas might be helpful for you. 

Florals Everywhere

No one can deny that the flowers are the most romantic thing. They promote intimacy for spouse, and relaxation for single. Thus, incorporating flower patterns on wallpaper, bed linen, and the curtain is the best thing to do.

Besides, the flowery patterns will surely work as the centerpiece for the room.

Flower wallpaper fills around this space. This makes a bold statement for decoration. The shabby chic bedroom with a floral blanket gives a romantic impression, as a result.
Blush pink high-ceiling curtains with the wall are related. Best of all, the floral pattern on the rug covers the whole floor in this space. Also, the floral ottoman looks stunning.

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Printed floral bedding in this bedroom gives a romantic theme. Not only give that but also makes the bedroom look chic and brighter. The basic white color in the bedding gives the best pick color for sure.
Blue color bedding with floral printed. It gives the subtle color scheme with a floral pattern as a main decoration. The neutral white color of the wall with some wall art provide the best add decoration in this bedroom.
Blends the pattern with harmoniously. Such as the blanket with the pillow. Also, the color scheme of the curtain match with the tiny secondary pillow. And the rug, as well.
Create a colorful bedding decoration to provide a festive color show. Of course, you can use a floral pattern on the blanket as seen in the picture. Then, give a special floral artwork that stuck on the wall above the bed.

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Drapes and Canopies

Drapes and bed canopies add a romantic atmosphere to your space. Opt for dark tones to have an elegant yet charming look. But, choose bright colors to increase your mood during sleeping.

Layers and heavy fabrics will even create a warmer, tenderer, or even sexier atmosphere.

Vintage drapers and canopy in this bedroom create a harmonious look, as a result. The all bedroom setting provides the same color scheme with a vintage touch to support the romantic feel in this space.
Simple as just two combinations of color decoration. The main decoration in the bedding set with drapers and canopy. The white color pick looks so contras with the green color theme bedroom. But, it completely a perfect feels to creates a minimalist romantic atmosphere.
Slide to open and close. This chic drapers and canopy feature the easy setting to open and close. It made to make it easier for you as you wish to.
Elegant bedding set with drapers and canopy. The silky white base color combined with line accent makes this bed look strong and bold, as well. No need to adds other colors, this actually has a perfect romantic bedding set.
Opted to tie the drapers on the canopy. To create a symbol of romantic decoration, this bedding set has given a simple white color scheme.
A simple gray pattern in this chic bedroom with a deeper and canopy look great. Moreover, this bedding decoration not overwhelming at all.

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White for Lovers

Though pink can represent a romantic bedroom well, white never fails to impress people’s eyes. Thus, decorating your nest in entirely white color is great to try. Start with all bed linens, walls, furniture, and so on.

However, if you think white is too mainstream, other colors can do well too. You can use, for example, grey, dark brown, gold, yellow, green, blue, etc.

Opted for a gray and white color blend. This decoration can create a shabby chic color scheme in this bedroom. Moreover, it makes a romantic feel atmosphere.

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Plays with subtle color in the bedding set. Such as the grey, blush pink, and a little bit yellow can play perfectly romantic sensations.
Choose a green to makes this bedroom looks natural. Not only that but also creates a romantic feels by the natural touch. The calming green gives the best subtle color decoration, as well.
Adds a pop of color with vibrant yellow to create a bold decoration. Especially, for the romantic room, this decoration support to festive the room.
Golden color in the subtle color scheme. It creates an extremely romantic bedroom with simple decoration but has an aesthetic look.
Pick the color coordinate wisely. This bedroom provides some colorful but still calming. The subtle color plays perfectly decorate this shabby chic bedroom, as a result.

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Fully grey color chosen in this bedroom because of the calm and subtle color created a romantic feel. Best of all, the string bulb over the bed adds a perfect piece of decoration.

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Candles and Candles

There’s no denying about the magic of the light from candles.  Besides, they can highlight the paints used in the space. So, take advantage of those candles. To get the romantic glow, a homeowner can opt for both traditional candles and electric ones. Hang them on the wall or put them on the side table.

Moreover, some bright-colored or aromatherapy candles are indeed great to use.

Arranged the candles over the headboard. Not only gives a warm light but also creates a romantic feel. Especially, the dark color scheme supports the whole decoration.
Scone candles between the mirror and stand on the nightstand. It completed by a flower bouquet to provides a romantic sensation in this bedroom.

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Some candles on each nightstand. This decoration creates a warm sensation with the best feels of romanticism. Moreover, the rose petals on the bed add a piece of decoration.
Aromatherapy candle is the best way to decorate the bedroom. This has a calming sensation with a romantic feel as well. Best of all, it can properly put everywhere.

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Decorative candles in unused fireplaces. The main theme in this bedroom is a saturated purple color. The candle has a same color with a little bit color variety.
Floating shelves over the bed provide a place to put some decorative candles. It’s perfect to create a romantic feel in this shabby chic bedroom.

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Place in the corner of the room, a candle cage to create a decorative ornament. Moreover, the tall candle in the bed gives the shot of decoration, as well.

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There are still many details that you can add as a compliment for your romantic bedroom idea, small parts like heart pillow, sherpa fleece blanket, and other little details.

Finally, if creating a romantic bedroom is on your top list, those four ideas above are worth to try. They are neither difficult nor expensive to do. All you need to do is only find which one fits you best.

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