Decorating boxes for storage might be the last thing someone thinks for a weekend project, but if done well, the results will be very pleasing to the eyes. Now, you might think that decorating something that is out of the sight most of the time is counter intuitive, but at the contrary, it will also make it easier for you to find things stored inside those boxes. Not only you can apply decorated storage boxes in your garage, it can also make way to your home too. 

Eager to start? Find out the best ideas for decorating boxes for storage in this article. 

1. Decorate boxes for storing extension cables

Extension cables are a necessary evil in current life. Everyone needs at least one to charge their gadgets, but they can look unwieldy really fast. Fret not! One of the solutions for the problem is to create compartmentalized storage box for storing extension cables from old cardboard boxes. Try decorating boxes for storage with colorful wrapping papers, and voila! No more dangling cables in sight.

Make a box made of cardboard to store your extension cable. To decorate the storage box, use wrapping paper to be more beautiful when seen

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To keep your extension cords looking neat to the eye, use a DIY cardboard box. Add a small square screen to separate the different cables

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If you need cable storage gadget that is easy to carry everywhere you can make a small DIY cardboard box. This storage is not only easy but also simple
To organize your extension cords in a receptacle, use a rectangular rattan plait. This is one idea to find cables easily.

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2. Make colorful storage box for storing magazines on the wall

Displaying magazines on the wall not only makes your house less messy, it also gives some personality to your house by displaying what your interests are. The best part about displaying magazines on the wall is that it is easy to get started. All you need to do is to prepare some extra cardboard boxes, decorate or paint it accordingly, mount it to your wall, and start displaying magazines.

Use a wooden box attached to the wall to store magazines. You can paint them a white color and this idea is very suitable for minimalist home decor.

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The magazine storage box equipped with wood material will add more storage space in your home. Besides being interesting, this storage also doesn’t take up much space

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3. Create extra drawers from spare boxes

Every once in a while, you might find that you need some extra drawer space. When that happens, you don’t need to panic. Just find some extra cardboard boxes you have on your garage, decorate it, and use it as a makeshift drawer. Efficient and environmentally friendly, your makeshift drawers could be a unique addition to your house.

To recycle used cardboard, you can make it as a DIY drawer. This drawer can be used to store your belongings.

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In addition to low budget drawers that made of cardboard are also materials that are easily found around your home. Use your DIY creative ideas to get beautiful decorations

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To make this DIY drawer, you first need to find used cardboard. Besides being environmentally friendly, this cardboard drawer is also a low budget. You can place this cardboard drawer on your work desk to store your stationery.
Freestanding drawers box that are made of cardboard can be used to store small items in your home. This drawer helps you find the items easily.

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What do you think about these ideas on decorating boxes for storage? Once you have tried them, share the fruit of your creativity with your friends and family to spread the joy.

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