Aside from having small fishes in your house, decorating the aquarium by itself is a lot of fun as well. However, you might need some inspiration for choosing the best aquarium design for your lovely fishes. If so, then check out these 10 exciting and simple aquarium design ideas, and spark your inspiration right here.

1. Spongebob Squarepants-inspired bluish pink aquarium design

When you talk about fish and underwater world, it’s mandatory to include Spongebob Squarepants as the source of inspiration. You can make a diorama of Spongebob’s underwater pineapple house for the aquarium design. Then, improvise by adding green and pink plants to add more colors to it, in addition to the lighting and pebbles choice.

Add a miniature Spongebob pineapple house to your aquarium. In addition, you also add lighting and some ornamental plants to make it more beautiful.

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This time, adding colorful pebbles to make this aquarium look attractive. In the meantime, you can add a few miniatures to the Spongebob movie to complete this aquarium.

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This aquarium shows how beautiful the life of Spongebob with its pineapple house. Not to mention the addition of some green plants and gravel to make this aquarium more leverage.

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2. Zen forest aquarium design with Buddha statue

If you crave for some calming aquarium design ideas, then this Zen forest design is the one for you. The natural green vibe comes from natural lighting, green plants, and bamboo sticks without adding more color to the tank. For a more elaborate decoration, consider placing a Buddha statue in the middle of the tank.

This Buddha statue is very suitable in this aquarium. Add this mossy stone into your aquarium, besides being able to add to the naturalness of the aquarium it can also be a natural food place for your fish.

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Put the Buddha statue between the bamboo trees that stand upright. Meanwhile, add plants and white sand to make this aquarium looks more attractive.

image source

Adding a Buddha statue to the aquarium can indeed make a classic impression on this aquarium. After that, don’t forget about green plants because it’s very important.
Adding a buddha statue complete with several stones makes this aquarium look natural. Besides that, you can also add other ornaments to make it more perfect.

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3. From beach to jungle aquarium design

A transition in design is always welcomed, and you can do so in your aquarium design ideas as well. This is one of the examples, decorating half of the proportion with forest plants and the rest with white beach sand.

The combination of wooden branches, mossy rock and white sand is a novelty in aquarium design. This time you can make it with pleasure so that it will get a nice look.

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4. Super Mario aquarium design

An aquarium tank is also a medium for expressing yourself. Games can do that by implementing a certain level in Super Mario to the aquarium design, for example. Worry not, most hard plastic figures and toys are safe for your fishes, as long as they’re large and stable.

If you want to have a Super Mario themed aquarium and don’t have a miniature to complement it, you might want to use a wallpaper. You only need to add gravel and stones to complete it.

image source

5. Aquascaping aquarium design

Aquascaping is one of the most beautiful aquarium design ideas ever! But it is arguably the hardest to make. The key is to balance the item placement and variation. A miniature path walk in the middle with a wooden bridge on top of it and real plants surrounding it is the good design to work with.

The design is simple but looks great for this aquarium. Equipped with natural rocks and tree trunks that are overgrown with lush plants, making the aquarium look classy.

image source

So, ready to make your aquarium design exciting? Have you decided which aquarium design ideas work best for your personality and budget?

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