The retreat-style offered by a farmhouse bedroom is intoxicating in a way that it offers unrivaled coziness and warmth that will always make you feel delighted. The key to obtaining this feeling is through the mixture of chic furnishings and soothing color palette—although there’s more to these, and we’re going to cover it further below.

1. Classic Quilts

Consider incorporating traditional bedroom quilts and coverlets accordingly. The thing about vintage quilts is that they’re easy to find and to layer with. For instance: over a bedspread to create a particular hallmark of the farmhouse style.

The monochromatic style in the farmhouse bedroom will increase its elegance. Use classic floral quilts to add to the fittings on your bed.
Cover your bed linen with classic striped quilts to add a noticeable difference to make the farmhouse bedroom beautiful and attractive.

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2. DIY Headboard

Besides saving your money from purchasing one, taking on a DIY headboard project also helps you determine and customize the best size to your bed. Make your bed a stylish farmhouse sanctuary by choosing rustic wood as the primary material, complemented by repurposed items.

Add a subtle railroad vibe to your bedroom with this DIY headboard. The repurposed wooden crate features pretty white vintage metal lanterns, adding a warm glow to cozy up beside.
Give your bedroom a true country chic vibe by creating a DIY headboard from sliding barn doors. The whitewashed wood contrasts beautifully with dark, rich colors elsewhere in the room.

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3. Fireplace in the Bedroom

Having a fire pit in the bedroom is a total lifesaver when winter comes! You should consider adding a bedroom fireplace to contribute to a serene farmhouse style. If destroying a part of the wall isn’t an option, there are many faux fireplaces now available, too.

Make a little hole on the wall to make a fire pit. This fire pit serves to increase the warmth in your bedroom to the maximum. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to decor a farmhouse.

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Make a fire pit facing the bed so that the warm effect can be felt immediately. This fire pit can emphasize the style of a farmhouse in your simple bedroom.

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4. Old and New Mix

Enrich your farmhouse room with a neat combination of traditional and modern features—using antiques and sleek wall sconces, for instance. Believe us; bedroom antiques are best paired with a completely different time, considering how opposites attract.

The combination of modern black wall scones with the vintage bedding in the picture above is an interesting design idea for a farmhouse bedroom.

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To create a farmhouse bedroom that looks stunning you can combine modern wall scones with a vintage mirror like this one. With this combination, you will also get a farmhouse bedroom that is bright during the day or night.

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5. Bright and Airy Is the Key

Oh, haven’t we mentioned that even a farmhouse style shouldn’t disregard the concept of being airy and bright? Open the bedroom curtain and let the air and sunlight stream in. Start your day with a pleasant feeling every day.

So that the farmhouse bedroom looks brighter and warmer you can open the window curtains. Thick blankets also add warmth to perfection.
To start a pleasant feeling every morning, you can open the bedroom curtain. It will allow the sunlight to come to your room and make it more brighter and comfortable.

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Is the inspiration for an airy and chic farmhouse bedroom above helpful? We certainly hope so!

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