Having a reading nook is the current trend of home design, regardless of style. A reading nook in Bohemian décor is attractive, colorful, but relaxing, perfect for devouring favorite novels. Boho style relies on bold colors, flowing lines, ethnic elements, and natural materials, but there are several design elements you must follow.

If you want to create a Boho reading nook, make sure to have these elements.

Cozy Cushions

A Boho reading nook must be casual and relaxing, which means putting emphasis on cushions. A daybed, floor mattress, or cushioned rattan chair is a perfect feature for such reading nook. You can add colorful pillows with bold patterns to make the spot more comfortable.

To create a comfortable bohemian reading nook, you can add a blanket inside. It will be more enjoyable to read your favorite books.
Using a pillow on a sofa is one way to make you feel comfortable while reading there. Complete with a patterned rug that is the hallmark of bohemian decor.

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Fabric Element

The flowy fabric is featured heavily in Bohemian décor, and there are many ways to incorporate it. You can drape a blanket or sofa throw, install a sheer canopy, or arrange the reading nook near a window with curtains. Blanket or sofa throw offers a benefit of warming you up during cold weather or season.

Using a flowy fabric to cover the bench is a brilliant idea. Because with this decorative cloth, you will have a reading corner that looks amazing.
The bohemian reading corner near the window that uses curtains with flowy fabrics is perfect for you to use. In addition, you can also add blankets and pillows to warm your body during winter.

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Unique Lighting Fixture

You need an adequate lighting source for a reading nook. Choose a lighting fixture that represents the Bohemian style. Moroccan lantern, macrame lamp, rattan lampshade, ceramic table lamp, and wind chime lamp are great options for a Boho room. You can add some aromatic candles for additional lighting and relaxing touch.

This time the bohemian reading nook decoration uses chandelier lighting that has a gold metal frame. With this chandelier you will have a bohemian reading nook that has a luxurious touch.
Glass wall lamp is perfect for use in your bohemian reading nook. Because with this wall lamp you will get a bohemian reading nook look that looks charming.

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Green plants and flowers add a relaxing touch in your house. They can also inspire and invigorate your mind, especially if you place them near the reading nook. Choose mini plants that will not take up much space and place them in beautiful planters or pots.

Adding greenery in the corner of the reading room sofa will give you such a charming freshness. Besides that, it will bring a more comfortable nuance.
By adding accents of greenery on the woodcut table. Will give the reading room decoration concept more beautiful and charming.

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Global Artworks or Trinkets

Spice up your Boho reading nook with global trinkets or artworks. A traditional bowl, statue, cup, or artwork can make your reading nook more inspirational. 

To get a unique look in your bohemian reading nook, you can add knick-knacks such as garnish small jars on the table and on the shelf like in the picture above.
If you like painting, you can put it on your bohemian reading nook wall for decoration. It will look more attractive and beautiful in your reading room.

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Make your reading nook more special by adding specific decorative elements. The Bohemian décor is an ideal option for a colorful, chic, but relaxing reading spot.

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