Home interior design is one important element to create a comfortable and pleasant residence. Every room that we build will certainly need some furniture equipment to be perfect. Both the home space, apartments, offices, and business spaces such as restaurants and cafe shops. The general standard is furniture that we definitely need such as tables, chairs, and cabinets. But when someone has the desire to create a beautiful, attractive, and exclusive room, then that’s when interior design is needed.


The interior design can make a room beautiful, different, artistic, and character in accordance with the design you want. To be able to have a beautiful and durable interior design you need materials such as wood, metal, and rattan. Wood is the most common material for furniture and furniture with the most expensive price because it comes from unprocessed pieces of wood. Some selected woods are teak, mahogany, pine, and meranti. The wood material is the most durable for years.

This time, the kitchen decoration uses simple wood. For all storage places and tables made of wood. This is suitable for those of you who like a natural and rustic style.

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For the durable furniture in your home, you can place a thick wood dining table and chair and use wooden kitchen cabinets. That furniture also can create a warm feel in your home.

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You can add wooden furniture to your living room. With tables and chairs, it will give a more natural impression.

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If you like a classic style for your home interior design, you can apply wooden furniture. One of them, you can use a wooden bed, wooden nightstands, and wood cupboard. You can paint them in brown color and then it can create a classic vibe.

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You can use rattan to create an interior concept with ethnic and traditional nuances. You can use rattan as an interior base material, both combined with other materials such as bamboo, wood, and iron. You can achieve this by applying rattan material through decorations on the ceiling, walls with rattan accents, partitions or room dividers, chairs, and tables. The use of rattan material in the room can also cause rustic elements.

In decorating this living room, you can use a rattan table and chair furniture. This method will provide traditional and ethnic decoration.
If you want to place furniture in your patio, you have to choose the proper material for that. In this case, you can use rattan furniture. To add coziness, cover the chairs with soft foam.
Living room decoration with chairs and tables made of rattan will be able to give beauty to the decoration. It can bring traditional and ethnic nuance in your modern home design.

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Metal material does make the room look both modern and elegant. Metallic materials and metallic accessories also become interior materials that have many fans. Generally, we use the metal as an outside material for residential or kitchen set in the kitchen. More functional problems, because metal materials are resistant to all weather, heat, and easy to clean. Actually, we can also implement metal materials on the inside of dwellings such as coffee tables, chairs, tables, and mirror frames.

Metal can be one of your choices for making furniture. Like this one, the small coffee tables with metal legs in gold color can be the focal point in your living room and make it more stand out.
if you want to give an elegant look to your modern living room decor, add stools that has metal legs is highly recommended. You can combined with metal side table that has a sleek look to emphasize a modern nuance to your room.
A nicely furnished decor with a table made of durable metal material. As well as being able to provide beauty for the living room decoration.

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Keep in mind that we do not use rattan and wood materials on all major interior materials. But you need to combine it with other minimalist materials or furniture such as stainless steel or iron. Adding only a few small accessories such as rattan lamps, laundry baskets or plant pots is enough to create a homely and authentic atmosphere from rattan material. To complement the interior of the rattan to make it look more perfect you can complement it with other materials such as iron.

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