A small garden is such a gift. It is a favorite place for you to observe your beautiful plants and feel so relaxed. Do you know? Small gardens always have lots of potentials. Even though it only has a narrow space, it can be an amazing garden with some touches and decorations like fences, patio, and other elements.

For those of you who are in search of small garden ideas, we have collected them only for you. Check these highlights out!

1. Square Foot Gardening

This highly productive technique divides raised beds into a framework. Vegetables get planted in at least one square at a thickness dependent on plant size.  For example, plant around 16 radish seeds for every square, except just a single one for a tomato plant.

Growing vegetables with square foot gardening is the perfect idea to make your garden more productive. So it will benefit you and still look more organized.
Choosing to use square foot gardening for your small garden decorating idea is the right idea. Will be more organized and interesting.

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2. Companion Planting

Setting blossoms and veggies together in similar beds doesn’t only spare space. It will also help support your yields and keep plants happy by drawing in more pollinators.

Planting flowers and vegetables together in the same bed is the right choice for your small garden idea. So it will save more space and can support your crops and make plants happy by attracting more pollinators.

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If you have a small garden, choosing companion planting is the right idea. You can grow vegetables in the middle and flowers on the edges in a garden bed so that it is more interesting.

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3. Balcony Garden

Do you have a super tiny balcony? You can turn it becomes a green space by placing some plants. Apply a vertical garden idea by using a wooden pallet to hang your plants. Or place your plants on the balcony fence and it can make your balcony looks fresh in a simple way.

To bring the freshness of the balcony, try to make a garden there. You can put plants on your balcony rail to make it look simple but still provide the perfect freshness.

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Placing pallet racks on the balcony for vertical planting ideas there will make your balcony look fresh and tidy.

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4. Repurposed Shutters

Use a repurposed shutter against an outside wall and fill the spaces with healthy plants, for example, succulents or greeneries. Succulents are unbreakable, but they can get burned in direct sun’s rays. Hence, it is better to put them in the shady area of your home.

If you have an unused shutter in your home, you can use it for the small vertical garden in your home. You can use it to plant succulent then hang it on the wall so it looks more attractive.

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Utilizing shutters that are not used for your small garden decorating ideas is a perfect idea. You can unlock it to plant a succulent then hang it on the wall so that it will be the perfect focal point.

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5. Use a Ladder

Create a space-saving stand for plants, herbs, vegetables, and flowers from a wooden ladder. Add some boards and paint them with your favorite colors. Then, place some pots of those plants onto the boards. It is really cute and fabulous for your small garden.

Using the stairs for the idea of planting in your small garden is a perfect idea. Simply add a wooden board then use it to place the plant pots so that they will look more organized.

6. Blended Textures

To create contrast and dynamic visual quality, arrange proportional compartments on the stairs. Then, fill with flower plants neatly arranged there.

Planting flowers in terracotta pots neatly arranged on the stairs will make your small garden look simple but will attract the attention of everyone who sees it.

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Those are gorgeous small garden ideas that can assist you to beautify even the smallest yard. As your plants grow beautifully, you will get happy every time you see the gardens.

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