A modern bathroom that complements the overall look of the modern home is a distinctive touch of finishing you definitely have to consider. If you’re thinking about achieving this stage, get your inspiration to get the desired bathroom from our ideas below! Considering we all spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms, you’ll always get awed by its beauty once the project is done.

1. Pebble Bath Mats

Pebbles are great for construction design, and lots of modern luxury bathrooms (and apparently other parts of the house) have adopted using them. Try placing your tub on top of a pebble bath mat, and finish the look with some wooden and botanical elements.

Make your bathroom looks modern by applying a pebble bath. On the other hand, this can be used to give relaxation on your feet.

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Use gravel to make your own bath mat. Bigger and darker to make a border to create decorations.

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2. Mirrors

Don’t miss out on a modern vanity mirror, too. Either you’ll mount it on the wall or have it suspended on a horizontal bar; the mirror will be an impeccable feature, particularly if you need extra help when doing your makeup.

The awkward angle of the bathroom becomes something awesome with this custom vanity from the frameless corner mirror.
Double oval mirrors to reflect the round sink makes this bathroom decoration more attractive and artistic.

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3. Recessed Lighting

Grab an atmospheric glow on your bathroom with a simple addition of bathroom recessed lighting. They give off a special cozy glow without overpowering all the other elements in the area—ensuring you have beautiful light!

Not only does the hidden lighting design in your bathroom look great, but it is also more efficient, versatile, and gives you more space for other things.
Alternative sources of public lighting are hidden ceiling fixtures and indirect lighting that bounce off this bathroom ceiling.

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4. Plants

Incorporate botanical elements into your bathroom with some bathroom potted plants, which should thrive well with humidity. If real plants aren’t doable for you, cute removable wallpapers in motifs of greeneries will surely work just fine.

Even though it requires a certain amount of sunlight, it is a beautiful plant with flowers and succulents. Bring stunning decor ideas to your bathroom.
Use greenery to improve the quality of air in your bathroom and feel the sensation of being relaxed while you are bathing.

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5. Sliding Doors

For those having a courtyard outside the bathroom, feel free to install some bathroom sliding doors overlooking the fresh look outside. If not, your shower enclosure can always do great with a mirror sliding door that’ll let you see your reflection as well as adding a much-needed elegance to the room.

Sliding shower doors are a good choice when you are looking for wider walk-in openings but do not have much space.

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Frameless sliding doors in the bathroom display the beauty of a shower without too many other unnecessary decorations.

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Get your modern bathroom with one of our five ideas above now!

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