If bright colors, nature, and rich patterns are great for a baby’s bedroom, Bohemian décor should be the main design inspiration. This style is colorful, eclectic, warm, and cozy, a perfect combination for a nursery. Try these decorative elements to incorporate Boho style into your baby’s room.

Whimsical Rugs

A nursery needs to have rugs as the floor cushion. Choose rugs and carpets with colorful, whimsical patterns. You can choose abstract or tribal patterns that will give the nursery a strong character. Try layering a solid-colored carpet with a patterned area rug.

Bohemian baby bedrooms that use rugs with unique motifs and have colors that give a more pleasant feel and make a bohemian baby bedroom look fabulous.
Having abstract and colorful motifs, this rug is perfect for you to use in your bohemian baby’s bedroom. Because this rug can create a cheerful atmosphere that can make you happier when taking care of your baby.

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Colorful Mattress and Pillows

Colorful mattress and pillows not only stimulate your baby’s eyes but also create a beautiful Boho look. You can pick mattress and pillows dominated by calming colors like green or blue, with bright streaks like red and yellow. Alternatively, stick with neutral colors, but pick mattress and pillows with rich patterns.

A baby mattress that has a bright polka dot motif is perfect for you to use in your bohemian baby bedroom. Because these colors and patterns can stimulate your little one’s eyes.

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Baby boxes that have layered mattresses with cute motifs will create a bohemian baby bedroom look with an extraordinary appearance.

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Houseplants can help stimulate the bay and improve air quality. There are several ways you can place houseplants safely in the nursery. For example, hang ferns or succulents in hanging baskets or macrame, or place mini planters on wall shelves. Alternatively, place a large houseplant outside near the window so it will be visible from the inside.

One decoration that is useful and makes your bohemian baby’s bedroom look fresh is a green plant decoration. Because this decoration is able to refresh the room and make the room look more attractive.
Using plant decorations to hang on the ceiling of a bohemian baby bedroom is a brilliant idea. With this plant decoration you will get fresh air every day in your bohemian baby’s bedroom.

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Funky Artworks

Funky, offbeat artworks are common in Bohemian décor. Make your baby’s room more interesting by hanging macrame pieces, dreamcatchers, abstract artworks, or tribal fabric in the nursery. Mix various styles and colors to create an eclectic look.

One other artwork that is suitable for you to use in your bohemian baby bedroom is a macrame piece. With this decoration you will get the perfect bohemian baby bedroom look.

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Bohemian baby bedrooms that use cute decorations such as macrame piece hangers and wall decorative beads will make your bohemian baby bedroom look more unique.

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Natural Materials and Textures

Incorporate natural materials and textures into your typical nursery objects. For example, instead of regular window blinds, use burlap shades or rattan blinds. Use wicker baskets for your storage spaces. Place rattan seats and distressed storage cabinets to add characters to the nursery.

If you want to get the perfect bohemian style in your baby’s bedroom. Using a rocking baby basket made of wood will create a perfect impression in your bohemian baby bedroom. Besides that, the rattan woven accent on the ottoman will add a natural impression.
Bohemian decor isn’t just for adult bedrooms. The child’s room can benefit from elements of an eclectic, unique, yet comfortable style. With wooden baby baskets and rattan chairs, it can give a natural impression.

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