Interior design tends to follow the latest trend, although some furniture remains timeless. As the centerpiece in the living room, the sofa not only takes up space but possibly the most expensive piece of furnishing. A classic sofa design that never out of style is a safe option in choosing your furniture. Take a look at these timeless sofas that will never out of trends.

1. Sectional Sofa

Two- or three-piece sofa as a set makes a multifunction choice for your home. This type of sofa is called a sectional sofa. They come in various numbers and sizes. Commonly, a sectional sofa comes in L or U shape configurations. It works best for a modern home, yet applicable for other interior styles.

Complementing your living room decor with a sectional sofa will bring a modern look to your living room. Choose a sectional sofa in an L shape so that it can accommodate more people.
Modern Living room design with A letter L sofa looks simple but will give an attractive appearance to your living room. Choose a sectional sofa in gray color so it will look more elegant.
If you want to get a modern look in your living room, try using a sectional sofa. L-shaped sectional sofa so it will look simpler and save space.
White living room design with a letter L sofa attached to the wall will save space and can accommodate more guests.

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2. Chesterfield Sofa

This all-time favorite sofa is everywhere, from large houses, offices to hotels. The iconic buttoning back and high arm define a true meaning of timeless sofa design that never out of style. The name Chesterfield is taken from the fourth Earl of Chesterfield. As a high-class gentleman, he wanted a sofa that would not crease suits. Then, the sofa becomes a hit sensation that fits just about any home interior.

Small living room design with brown chesterfield sofa will make your living room look attractive and not out of date. Adding an animal fur rug will make your living room look amazing.
Industrial rustic living room with chesterfield sofa and wooden block table will present an attractive and warm natural look.

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Using a mint chesterfield sofa will bring a bright look to your living room so it looks beautiful and simple.

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3. Modern Mid-century Sofa

A classic piece of furniture has a simple feature and a neutral color. This modern mid-century sofa is a great example of minimalist form and clean lines. It is designed to enhance a room with a comfortable sofa. Some of them come in bright colors as the center focus of the room. The clean and neutral wooden frame holds the thick seating nicely. This type of sofa remains popular even to this day.

The brown sofa with wooden legs will present a simple and elegant mid-century modern look. You can add a round table with unique legs that will attract the attention of everyone who sees it.
Using a mid-century modern sofa will enhance your living room decor so it will look elegant. Adding greenery will add freshness to your living room.
Choosing to use a soft sofa with metal legs will present an attractive mid-century modern look. You can use a glass wall so that it will look stunning.

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Trends come and go, but anything classic remains in style as time passed. Those three timeless items are the ultimate sofa design that’s never out of style. Therefore, it is the ultimate investment for your home. Choose one of these items and they will suit your home, even after time and trends change.

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