The current housing trend, leaving little space for gardens. That is why the vertical garden idea is emerging to solve that issue. People use their porch as a small garden. From wires, wood to pipes, there are many genius ways to use things around you as a vertical garden. Here are some fresh ideas to try yourself.

1. Build trellises

This solution is suitable for planting fresh green vines or flowers. Besides these fresh plants away from the impression of crisp. By installing it, you also make it easier to maintain it.

The vines are climbing on the wooden trellis. You will be amazed by the results of this decoration in your garden on the porch.

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In fact, a planter in a wooden trellis will provide additional beauty to decorate your porch. With vines and combined flower pots. Likewise, this image will give a fresh feeling.

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2. Industrial Planter

Make use of used pallets, cinderblocks or even wires. They make a great planter that can hold up on a wall. You can stack up pallets and add pots of flowers or herbs on it.

Touch of cinder blocks as a planter. It’s a stylish decoration to change your garden, so it will help you. Put also some flowers around the porch.

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Add cinder blocks to the planter on the porch. This gives the impression of plants arranged neatly and beautifully. To get an awesome garden decoration you can add a wooden board as a table. This gives the impression of a charming garden decoration on the porch.

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3. Hanging basket

Dangling containers in a row make a perfect vertical garden idea. It also provides adequate shades and room dividers. Combine it with small and colorful plants, and then you have a lovely home that looks and smells nice. 

Beautiful flowers on the porch give a beautiful charm. With flowers placed in a wooden basket and hanging it on the porch will create the beautiful porch.

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Using the hanging rattan basket as a fresh planter makes the decoration look stunning on the porch. In addition, planting fresh vegetables will create the impression of easy maintenance and of course more creative.

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4. Hayrack Planters

Another great place to install your vertical garden is the balcony area. Anything that has a vertical structure and can handle some weight is a great place to grow thyme, mint, sage, chives and many more.

To make the flower garden more charming use hayrack planters arranged in a metal rack. It will give a simpler impression but still gives a fresh charm.

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Cheerful flowers in the hayrack planters which are on the porch and mounted on a wooden railing. This gives a special and elegant atmosphere.

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5. Reuseable rack

A metal or stainless steel rack is an excellent material for outdoor usage. You can reuse old rack and line the shelves with herbs and vegetables according to taste. Make sure the structure is still sturdy and durable.

A reusable rack made of sturdy stainless is used as garden decoration to form a vertical garden. Besides that, the park which is placed on the porch gives an elegant feel.

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Creative ideas for you by utilizing a reuseable rack made as a place for plants. Reuseable rack made from stainless combined with wall art accents and wall clocks that provide decorative garden decoration.

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There are many genius ways to turn a small area. You can apply a vertical garden idea or more, from using old items to make your very own vertical garden. If you need more elements for your garden you can find inspiration on Choose a design that goes well with the available area and easy to install. Most importantly, think about the drainage system to prevent these plants from dying.

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