While there are rooms in a house used for gathering purposes like a living room or kitchen, there are also some rooms for a more private and intimate occasion. One of those rooms is a master bedroom. This is a room where everyone will start or end the day. Thus, it is very important to create a cozy bedroom.

Unfortunately, many people only focus on picking the right bedding and furniture. While in fact, lightning is also a very important element, not only in a bedroom but also in every room in the house. It is essential to make your bedroom cozy and functional. Follow the ideas below to start setting up your master bedroom’s lighting.

1. Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed lighting is very ideal to be the main lamp in your bedroom. Often, your wardrobe or study is put in your bedroom. Thus, it is important to provide enough lighting for changing clothes or finish your assignments. At the same time, you also need to make your master bedroom cozy. That’s why a recessed fixture is perfect. It provides enough lighting for the activities and the warm and relaxing tone from the lamp also makes your bedroom comfortable.

Ambient ceiling lighting in this neutral color room offers sufficient task lighting for reading.

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Hidden lights in the ceiling create a soft and romantic atmosphere in this spacious master bedroom.
The main bedroom lighting including recessed lights on the ceiling ensures each bed receives enough light without sacrificing space on the desk.

2. Sconces

If you love reading before sleeping, installing wall scones on either or both sides of your bed would be great. Make sure to adjust the sconces to be higher than your eyes level so that you won’t directly see the bulbs. 

A pair of these sconces can be used to create ambient light or to accentuate architectural features or accessories in your bedroom.

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Consider choosing sconces with arms that can be adjusted, so you and your partner can adjust the lamp to your preference for reading in bed.

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A pair of beautiful sconces are the main source of light in the master bedroom which looks elegant and charming.

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3. Standing Lamps

A master bedroom doesn’t only function as a room to sleep. More than that, it is a room where you can relax after a long day. That’s why, often, there is a bedroom reading nook where you can read your favorite books in peace. To make the reading more enjoyable, it is very wise to install a standing lamp. When choosing a standing lamp, opt for the one focused downward.

These modern standing lamps with adjustable arms provide overall brightness and architectural interest in this bedroom.

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The standing lamp in this bedroom provides sufficient overhead lighting, while the desk lamp adds warm light.

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With a medieval design and retro style, this bedroom has a standing lamp that will illuminate any of your minimalist décors.
If you are looking for modern lighting with a traditional focus, this standing lamp is a great solution because it generally only illuminates the space directly below it.

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Those are some lighting ideas for your master bedroom. Implement them to make your bedroom more cozy, relaxing, and comfortable!

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