Most people tend to try their best in decorating their living room or kitchen. While those rooms are where you and your guests would spend a lot of time, an entrance hall is the first room that people see. Thus, it is as vital as any other room since it is the spot to create the first impression.

Whether it is small or big, the key is to make the most of the available space. Choosing the right pieces and the correct decor would make your entrance hall impactful and give a great first impression. If you don’t know where to start, follow the ideas below.

1. Make it Personal

The entrance hall is the tone of the house. Therefore, making it personal would be a great idea. You can make yours unique by exhibiting a collection of your family portraits. To make it more artistic, add your personal vintage collections such as an old vase, industrial tables, or antique lighting fixture. You could also hang some of your favorite idols’ portraits to make a statement.

Family photographs and the meaning behind love are a great way to add character to the entrance of your home.

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Display photo memory on the entrance wall makes anyone who sees it will smile to imagine the warmth of your family.

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The memory corner at the entrance of your home will give an elegant personal impression as decoration.

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2. Decide a Theme

Whether you want to make your entrance hall an art gallery or a simple entryway, having a theme would help you design it. You can opt for the 17th-century French theme and bring together the elements from the combination of traditional architecture and modern art. Or if you love the 1817 Federal style period, you might want to opt for the green mismatched striped rug with the apple-green wall color.

Every apartment or homeowner wants to see the hallway comfortable, practical and functional. This boho rug creates a bohemian theme in the entrance hall of the house.
All of these wall mirror features directly determine the choice of not only the color palette design, style trends, but also the choice of materials for decoration and furniture models for the arrangement of the room.
The entrance hall is the first room to see all the people who come to your house. This round hanging mirror confirms the impression of art decor on the entrance hall decoration.
Often the hall has a small size and irregular shape. The wooden door of the farmhouse collaborates perfectly with the large mirror that produces the farm-style house.

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3. Highlight the Focal Point 

Every piece of items you place in your entrance hall has its own reason and story. However, it is advisable to decide on the focal point. It might be the iconic Victorian sculptural light fixture, the antique Chinese central table, or the astonishing 19th-century bronze statue.

With a little creativity and these hallway decorating ideas, you can add a little decoration to your narrow entrance. This old french painting is the focal point of this classic decoration.
Most of the hall design planning depends on its function. The art decor feel in the entrance hall is very thick with the presence of a gold chandelier and a standing lamp in the corner of the room.

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Gold chandelier with crystal sprinkles collaborates with a unique gold table to make your home’s entrance hall more charming.

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Make an impactful entrance hall by following the ideas above.

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