An elegant vanity bathroom will surely bring the highly sophisticated feeling your bathroom needs in an instant. Defining this area is surprisingly essential, primarily when you often use the bathroom basin and underneath storage. 

If you’re aiming for a clean slate all the time, consider our ideas below to grab the elegant vanity bathroom you want.

1. Mason jar Storage

Using mason jars to store your things in the bathroom is an effective way to organize some of your small bathroom necessities neatly. You can put the bathroom Mason jar storage inside the drawers or line it up on the surface surrounding the vanity.

Cover mason jar storage with rattan tray on the vanity table surface to get a rustic touch. Besides this storage looks more simple and very easy to access.

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Optimize walls for small storage in your bathroom. Add a hanging mason jar to make it look more stylish and still attractive when seen by our eyes.

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2. Floating Vanity Storage

A small contemporary floating vanity can surprisingly accommodate plenty of storage. Floating vanity storage also helps make other spaces in the bathroom appear larger—thus allowing you to clean it more comfortably.

To get a touch of rustic you can use wooden floating vanity storage, this storage is perfect for bathrooms that are not too broad. You have to try it now.
One way to save space in your minimalist bathroom is to use floating vanity storage. This storage is very easy to access and easy to clean.

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3. Cabinet Storage Tower

Consider investing in a bathroom cabinet storage tower to have a much larger room to store your bathroom necessities. You can place this between two sinks—if you have one—or choose one with pullout drawers below to accommodate more.

Choose a cabinet tower equipped with drawers and shelves. It aims for more storage in your bathroom design. So your bathroom will look neat and organized.
To display simplicity in your bathroom, try using furniture made of wood. For example, you can place a cabinet storage tower that is placed next to the bathtub.

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4. Built-In Cabinet

Alternatively, you can have a built-in bathroom cabinet that won’t cost expensive in regards to aiding more storage you need. Choose to install a rather broad yet shallow in depth to allow you to scan the content without having to rummage again and again.

Use proper storage in the bathroom to suit your needs. The built-in cabinet will be suitable storage and has plenty of room for large storage.
The best way to save the bathroom more space by using a built-in storage cabinet. This storage keeps you organized and stylish.

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5. Convenient Step Stool

This last idea is a total lifesaver when you have little kids in the house. With a convenient bathroom pull-out step stool, they can reach for what they need in the bathroom without having to climb a ladder or asking for adults’ help. The pull-out design obviously won’t eat up much space either.

Complete the minimalist bathroom with the furniture you need. For example vanity which is equipped with comfortable step stools. This will be beneficial for your child.
Step stools will be useful when you have small children at home. Use bench steps that can be pulled out so that it takes up less space.

Which one of the elegant vanity bathroom ideas above will you consider?

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