There are really varied materials that you can have for your home furniture. Each of the materials will bring different impressions and matches for different decoration styles too. That is why in choosing the right furniture material, you should make sure that you know exactly what decoration style that you have in your house. Here we have some recommendations for you.


Wood will be the most popular furniture material that people commonly have. The wood itself could be really varied from the wood pallet, wood slice, or wood beam. You can make the wood to be well polished or just let it in its natural look for the rustic impression. Check out the following pictures.

Use a natural wooden table to complete your workspace. In addition, also use a wooden shelf to store your workspace decoration.
Using a wooden coffee table that is uniquely shaped for the living room is indeed the right choice. In addition, to improve the appearance of the living room, this table is also very functional with a shelf underneath.
This is a contemporary dining room with elegant wooden tables. Complete with modern chairs this and it can make your dining room looks stunning.

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If you want to have the furniture with good durability, you can choose metal. Moreover, metal material will match for you who have the modern home style, industrial, or the minimalist design. The metal material can also be designed in several looks but it is better for you not to have the one with too many details.

You can use a metal cabinet to place the TV in your modern home style. Besides being very functional to put your belongings, this cabinet can also make a charming appearance.
Make your family room look minimalist with a round table made of metal. Also pair it with metal chairs to strengthen the minimalist vibe in your home.

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Although it can be cracked or broken easily, the glass material is also worthy. You can have it in clear glass or you can even have the colorful one. From the black, blue, orange, just any color you want. The glass material will have a sleek impression that will match well for you who love something clean and clear.

This is an elegant dressing table and suitable for your modern home. Besides that, this table is already equipped with a round mirror that makes an amazing display.
Enhance your room with transparent glass shelves that will make your home feel more amazing. After that, place some unique decorations to complete it.

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Rattan material has the similar impression with the wood material. You can have it if you have the farmhouse, rustic, or country home decoration style. Hence, it is more flexible to be designed as you can have more details for your furniture with the rattan material.

This rattan chair will bring a feeling of being more enjoyable and comfortable enjoying the panoramic view of outdoor natural beauty. Besides that, the hospitality that is produced from the rattan chairs brings a special feel.
You will be comfortable in the backyard while reading a book and enjoying a fresh view of the surrounding with the rattan chair complete with soft cushions.
Patio decor uses a touch of rattan furniture and accented with green plants that can bring a fresh and natural nuance outdoor.

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You might combine two materials for your home. But, you have to decide on what material to be the domination by adjusting it with the home decoration style you have. Don’t forget to consider the harmonious side between the material combination too. So, which material you want to have for your home?

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